If you don't know who Richard Ashcroft is, then shame on you. Seriously. This man is genius. Pure genius. His voice is amazing, his songs are amazing, and sorry if I'm using amazing way too many times, but it's the truth.

He is brilliant.

But yeah, I've been listening to him all day. This is mainly because I am in the editing mood, and when I edit, I like to listen to music.

Because Mr. Ashcroft is on my novel's playlist, I decided to put together some of my favorite songs by him, and play them on repeat until I got sick of listening to him. Which I don't think will ever happen because like I said, he's brilliant.

I mean, guys. Read his lyrics. Inhale them, ingest them. Love them.

They are so freaking beautiful.

If you read his lyrics, you will know why he inspires me, and why I listen to him whenever I feel like writing.

Also, this song is... (I really want to say amazing, but I won't so just watch the video, listen to the song and enjoy the rest of your Friday)


Oh, he is soooo uh-may-zing! :)
Loved him in The Verve, but also loved him as a solo artist.


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