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I finished The 5th Wave a couple of days ago and it blew my mind in so many ways. I've read a lot of good books, but this one it's more than good. It's just...I can't put it into words right now. I tried when I reviewed on Goodreads (don't think I did the book justice), but just know that The 5th Wave is what everyone says it is and more.

I'm supposed to be reading Siege & Storm right now. I've been waiting for that book for awhile now, seeing as though I couldn't buy it until I reached 10K (which I did) but then another book caught my eye.

Eyre House is a New Adult retelling of Jane Eyre and if you don't know this already Jane Eyre is my favorite novel. I read it for the first time when I was eleven, and have read it at least a hundred times (this is not an exaggeration) since. It's the book that inspired me to write. It's the book that got me through stormy nights, and made me fall in love with the idea of storytelling/becoming more serious about writing. Jane Eyre could never be redone in my eyes. I'm even picky when it comes to movie adaptations (the one with William Hurt is terrible and I have a strong dislike for it). But when I heard about this book, I couldn't help myself. NA? Male POV? Modern retelling of Jane Eyre?!

I bought it last night and I have not regretted my choice so far.  Eyre House is set in a 'haunted' Bed & Breakfast in an island in South Carolina and the writing is perfect. It's modern and it has charm and a darkness that pulls you in. I'm nowhere near finished with this book, but if the first few chapters is how the rest of the book is going to be, then I think I'm going to love this one in the end. I might even read Jane Eyre again when I'm finished (sorry Siege & Storm).


So, as I mentioned, I reached 10K! This was my goal because every wip since I've started since I finished writing my first novel has never surpassed 10K. It's like, as soon as I hit 9.5K I run into a wall, and then the story just never goes anywhere from there. My current word count is 12, 406 which means I wrote about 3, 263 words last week. It probably would've been more if I didn't cave and finish that last couple of sections of The 5th Wave in one setting. But progress is progress and the fact that I passed 10K means a lot to me. It means that I can finish this. One word in front of the other.

I wrote a Next Big Thing post yesterday talking a little more about Unfair, if you guys want to check out.

I couldn't decide on what to share from my wip, so here are two short paragraphs:

I do know that people still talk about that night, about the things they had seen. In the darkness, in the shadow of the fire that swallowed the city. There is talk that there was something there. Something dark, something that once was. There aren’t that many documents from the Dark Ages but the ones that have been preserved talk about creatures made from the absence of light, they move in the darkness, and some would even argue that they are darkness.


Malodyra used to be the capital of this kingdom, now it was just a skeleton, what was left of the kingdom once the fire ate through the skin, and burned away the flesh. The king once said that the Sun would never set on us, but it had, and now that it has, it doesn’t seem like it will ever rise again. Not completely. Though it may hang in the sky from time to time, we will always be submerged in a perpetual darkness.

My Ready. Set. Write! goal for this week is to finish this chapter because it's dragging on longer than I thought it would. I also want to try to add another 5,000 words this week. I'm also doing a good job ignoring SNIs which is something that I have hard time doing. Like a good writer, I've been writing them down, and leaving them alone. No shiny idea is going to take me away from Unfair. I am really determined to finish this.


A lot of quotes. Sometimes I find quotes that explain my book better than I can, and so I make sure to put them on my Pinterest board, to remind myself that this isn't just some random idea. I do know what I want the book to look like (even though I am pantsing at the moment hehe). But, yeah. Loads of quotes, especially this one:

"I believe I have seen hell and it's white, it's snow-white.” 
― Elizabeth Gaskell, North and South

This is the line that sticks out every time I watch the North & South miniseries (I have the book now *squee*) but it took on a different meaning this time because of my wip and it just has so much meaning. It's one sentence but it means so much to my story, to the characters, and it's just perfect.

Doctor Who is also a huge inspiration right now. I'm falling in love with David Tennant's Doctor all over again (and I feel like I'm cheating because the Ninth Doctor will always be my favorite) but I think it's amazing how they can take one character, who is essentially the same man, and make him different every single time. I meant to write a post about this but what I learned from Doctor Who is that it's okay for your character to change. It's okay for them to be...different (if it fits the story). The Doctor in the first series is completely different in the second, and it's not because he's played by a different man and has a different face. He just changed internally and that's okay. Don't know if this makes sense but I have been thinking a lot about characters, everything from their beliefs to their motives, changing.


Another thing  that is inspiring me right now is the proof copies for my first novel. Those of you who participate in NaNo know that the reward for winning is a coupon for free proofs from Createspace. I finally used mine so I could have copies of my 'first' (It's more like my third but I don't count the first two...for reasons haha) novel and if I wanted to, one day, go through one of the proofs with a red pen. Though after they arrived, I haven't had the heart to write in them. They're just so pretty and shiny. I have used Createspace to order proofs before, and they do a fantastic job.

My mom (and a few other people) have asked to read it and they all get upset when I tell them no. This is a first draft, and there are a lot of holes in it. My last chapter? It's only two pages long! I was reading it yesterday, and there are a few passages/chapters that I am especially proud of but...it's not ready for anyone to read. One day.

Thanks for reading guys!


THE FIFTH WAVE is next on the TBR and I can't wait to start it! Especially after reading this post!

Also, congrats on surpassing 10K! SNIs are SO tempting, but getting a story from beginning to end is such a reward. I just jot tons of notes on new projects whenever the SNI bug bites.

Loved the excerpts! And the quote! And I'm not a big NA person, but Eyre House has me intrigued!

Have a great week!


Wonderful post! I will be purchasing The Fifth Wave and Eyre House in the near future for sure. And congrats on reaching 10k. That's always a huge milestone. Once you're there you just know that you absolutely can make it to the end.

I loved the excerpts, too! And CreateSpace is the bomb. I've ordered proof copies from there as well. :D


Yay for your 12k. It's great when you reach your word count goals :D


So happy you enjoyed THE 5TH WAVE. I can't wait for Book 2! I just went and purchased a Kindle copy of EYRE HOUSE, because I'm also a major JANE EYRE fan. It's one of my all-time favourite books!

Congrats on reaching 12K! That is fantastic, Raven! Your story sounds so good, so definitely keep at it. I love that NORTH AND SOUTH quote you shared. I have been reading it and really enjoying it. I think they cast the characters in the miniseries really well, actually. Hope you have a great week again, Raven! :)


Congrats on surpassing 10K! How exciting. These are great excerpts! I would read more.


Go girl! Love your snippet :)


Love your excerpts! Congrats on surpassing your goal! I bet that feels awesome! I love that Elizabeth Gaskell quote from North and South. That book was my favorite in a Victorian Literature class I took in college. Have a great weekend!


The 5th Wave is amazing, isn't it? Have you read The Passage? It's an adult book The 5th Wave is very similar too... but it's better. The Passage is a definite next step for anyone who loves The 5th Wave.

David Tennant will always be my favourite Doctor. I still miss him.


Ah, isn't The 5th Wave great?! I wasn't expecting to enjoy it so much (especially because of all the hype), but it was just SO. GOOD. Glad you thought so too. :) Eyre House does sound intriguing and I can see why (given your great love of Jane Eyre) you delayed reading Siege & Storm. It'll be fun when you get to it though. I just finished S&S and liked it more than the first!

Unfair sounds pretty amazing. As I've said before, I love fairytale retellings, and it intrigues and excites me that yours also uses a different point of view and a different kind of setting with a diverse cast. So awesome!

David Tennant will always be my favorite Doctor. Miss him and am SO EXCITED to see him back for the 50th Anniversary!


I loved THE 5TH WAVE too, Raven! Congrats on hitting 10K -- what a huge accomplishment. You are well on your way to a complete manuscript, lady!


I can totally see why you'd find THE 5TH WAVE just a little distracting! I'm halfway through it so far, and it's a huge temptation to forgo writing and pick it up! I keep seeing EYRE HOUSE around the blogs, so I might have to add it to my TBR list. I love JANE EYRE and this retelling sounds intriguing. Love the quote from NORTH & SOUTH. I'm long overdue for rewatching the mini series. Richard Armitage--also just a little distracting! I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!

I really enjoyed the paragraphs you shared from your WIP! Keep up the great work! Crossing the 10k mark is a huge deal so congrats on that and best of luck on your goal this week!


Everyone's raving about THE 5TH WAVE, so I'm looking forward to reading it when I get the opportunity. And JANE EYRE is also one of my favorite novels, so I understand completely your hesitation about reading any kind of re-write, re-telling, re-anything! The original was so good!! Interesting that you're enjoying EYRE HOUSE. Perhaps another one to watch out for?

And there are SO many lessons about writing and storytelling that can be drawn from Doctor Who, both the classic and the new series. Entire blogs could be devoted to the topic! The character of the Doctor is, as you say, such an inspiration. The idea of regeneration was a complete stroke of genius to begin with, and then using that to re-invent the character without actually changing his core essence. Great stuff! :)


I can't wait for you to read The 5th Wave! When you do get a chance to read it, I hope you enjoy it just as much as I did.

And thank you! SNIs ARE very tempting. Sometimes I wish I could clone myself, so I could have a clone for each idea. But I know it'll be worth it once I finish this draft.

I haven't read too many NAs myself. The few that I have read were really good though, and Eyre House is refreshing to see because it's male POV and has sort of a gothic feel to it which I have yet to see in NA.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have a great week too!


Totally agree with you on THE 5TH WAVE. I can't even put it into words, that book was just...awesome. My husband is reading it right now and while maybe not as big a fan as me (getting him to read is like pulling teeth, not to mention, read YA), he's still enjoying it.

And I have a second edition print of JANE EYRE...but please don't shoot me, I still haven't read it yet. I had such a hard time with the classics that I burned out on them after a while. One day I'll get back to it though, especially since I know it's a favorite for so many.

Congrats on passing the 10k mark, too! Keep it up and don't let your past hurdles distract you. Before you know it, you'll have 20k done and then 30k. :)


Thank you! And you won't regret buying The Fifth Wave. Especially if you like alien invasions/science fiction. As for Eyre House, it's starting to grow on me and I haven't been able to put it down since I bought it, so that's always a good thing.

I still can't believe I was able to reach 10K/then pass it. It's a lot to take in and you're right, it does feel like I can make it to the end at this point.

Thanks for stopping by! :)


Thank you! The feeling you get when you reach your goals has to be one of the best feelings in the world. Hope your writing is going well this week and thank you for reading! :)


Summer of 2014 is so far away! I think now is the time I start working on perfecting the time machine because I need to happen next. The ending wasn't a cliffhanger but I really want to know what's going to happen next with the characters. Will definitely have to make sure I have some time set aside when it comes out, so I can sit down and read it without interruptions.

No matter how many times I read Jane Eyre I never tire of the story. Even though I know it by heart, I still feel like I'm reading it for the first time every time I crack it open. My copy is really old and is going to fall apart one of these days, but it just goes to show how much I love it.

And thank you so much! There are times when I feel like I don't know what I'm doing, but I love the idea of the story, and as long as I remind myself that I can always revise/rewrite/fix the things that are wrong later on, it's easier to just keep going.

The casting in North & South was perfect! All of the actors had such great chemistry, and because of that it helps take away from the fact that it's so long. It's a really enjoyable miniseries to watch despite it's bleakness, and Richard Armitage is in it, so that's also a plus.

Have a great week and thanks for reading!


Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpts. That really means a lot. :)


Thank you! Hope your writing is going well. :)


Thank you! And it does feel awesome. :) I have yet to read North & South but I have it on my Kindle now, so I will get around to reading it.

I hope you have a great weekend too!


No I haven't read The Passage but I'll definitely check it out. I just add it to my TBR list. It sounds like something I'd enjoy reading. I like vampire stories but I like it even more when there's a twist to it, so the fact that it's a dystopian/sci-fi novel as well really intrigues me.

I'm missing him and I haven't even gotten to the part where he regenerates yet. It hurt more for me when Christopher Eccleston left the show because I started watching the show w/ the Ninth Doctor. The first series of Doctor Who isn't as good as the later ones graphic-wise/story wise but the chemistry the Ninth Doctor/Rose had was great. David Tennant did a great job picking up where Eccleston left off, and Matt Smith did the same. It's going to be really hard watching him go, but hopefully we get another great actor to play the Doctor.


I'm glad The 5th Wave lived up to all the hype. I had a lot of high expectations for it because of what everyone was saying and I'm glad it didn't let me (or you) down.

And I was really intrigued by Eyre House. It's not a long read so I should done with it in a day or two, and then I can jump right into Siege & Storm, which I am DYING to read. I read the five chapter sampler a while back, and am exciting to find out what happens next. I'm glad you liked it better than the first!

THANK YOU! I like fairytale retellings and I'm excited about Unfair. It's something I would really want to read, so I hope I can do it justice.

I'm excited for the 50th Anniversary too! It's going to be great seeing David Tennant again. I can't wait to see what they have planned for the anniversary episode.


Thank you! And The 5th Wave is such a great book. I'm really glad that I got the chance to read it. :)


Awesome! You got a lot of writing done! :)

I love Jane Eyre! It's not my favorite book in the world, but it's up there. :) EYRE HOUSE seems like an interesting adaptation. And from what I hear, I'll have to check out THE 5TH WAVE. Sometimes there are books that you just have to tell everyone about because OMG. For me this summer, that book has been PARTIALS by Dan Wells. I had to go on a mini-reading break because my brain was kind of in shock from awesomeness, haha.


I loved Jane Eyre. Such a good book! Adaptions rarely live up to their hype, but that's cool that you're finding one that does!

And YAY for passing 10K! I've run into the brick wall with some of my WIPs...I start geting afraid that I'll burn out, that somehow the story won't be interesting enough for me to keep going. But you've passed a great milestone, and I hope the words just keep coming!


Okay, I have added The Fifth Wave to my TBR list. It looks awesome! I went over and read your review, too. Um, is it really, really bad that I've never read Jane Eyre? I guess maybe I should add that to my TBR list, too? Your excerpts are wonderful and I am a fellow Whovian... that show always inspires me. :)


And it doesn't help that The 5th Wave is written extremely well. I think I would've been able to finish reading it in a day if I didn't force myself to put it down to get some writing done.

I'm really liking Eyre House so far. It's not Jane Eyre, in any way, but it does have that same dark feel to it. It's always interesting to see how different people interpret the same story. And, I agree, Richard Armitage IS really distracting. He's one of the many reasons why I love the North & South miniseries. I can't wait to read the book.

Thank you so much! Good luck with meeting your goals this week, too. :)


The 5th Wave is AMAZING. When you do get a chance to read it, please tell me what you think of it. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

I get this way about any adaptation of a classic, especially when it's as good as Jane Eyre was. I think Eyre House will catch on because NA is fairly new and it doesn't have a lot of male POVs from what I've seen. Plus, even though it's a retelling it does have it's own feel to it you know. I can't say I'll like it better than the original novel, but it is enjoyable. I can't wait to see how the rest of the story pans out.

I love how the writers of Doctor Who handle the idea of regeneration. It just seems so natural, and each actor that plays the Doctor helps to re-invent his character but at the same time manages to keep him the same person. Christopher Eccleston's Doctor is different from Tennant's, of course, but there are certain quirks/qualities that remain the same and it makes you forget that the Doctor is being played by a different person. It really is fascinating!

Thanks for stopping by!


It is so hard to put The 5th Wave into words, which is why I didn't want to review it but I knew I had to try. Because EVERYONE should read this book. It's sooo good and it just really blew my mind. It's the kind of book I wish I had written.

And haha. I'm glad your husband is enjoying it. Maybe after he finishes The 5th Wave, he'll want to read another YA novel.

Also, you have a second edition print of Jane Eyre? And you haven't read it yet?! Hopefully you'll feel like reading the classics sooner rather than later. Jane Eyre is a great book. And Mr. Rochester...*swoon*

Thank you! :)


I've heard so many good things about The Fifth Wave, I went ahead and bought a copy today. Can't wait to dig in. Congrats on hitting 10k. :) All the best with this week's goals, Raven.


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