I started something new.

It's not a main project are anything, because I'm still rewriting LOST & FOUND, but whenever I need a break from rewriting, I'm going to work on WE ARE NOT ENEMIES.

I don't want to give too much away but it's about a boy whose cop-father is killed by a member of a gang, leaving Scott Perkins (my main character) to take care of his broken mother, and his gay step-brother Jeremy, while trying to control his anger.

He later befriends Jonathon Reese, a boy who hates anyone who isn't like him, and a few other people who are in a club where hate is the national anthem.

There is more to the story, but I'll talk about it more when I finish the first two chapters.

Here's a little snip from the prologue:

"Don't say a word," Reese muttered, as the police officer stood in front of us staring at the bloody shoe that was sticking out of the river bank and the bloody boy that was sitting beside it.
Very much alive.

Anyone else working on any side projects?





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