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Today: I'm five pages into the rewrite of Lost & Found. Yesterday, I decided that I needed to stop doubting myself and actually start writing, so that's exactly what I did. So to celebrate that here's two songs from the soundtrack for my novel.

When I first heard this song I literally squealed because it fits the plot and the title SO perfectly.

I just recently discovered Pixie Lott. OMG. Isn't her voice amazing? I am also a huge fan of Kings of Leon, and when I heard this...wow. But, yeah, I think her version of the song fits the book.

So there you go.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!


Nice! I love Sia and will definitely check out the other. :)


I love Pixie Lott's cover <3


SIA! Colour Me Small, Healing is Difficult, and her Zero 7 collabs are all in my top 100 songs of all time. Cramped in there with hundreds of other favorite songs. :)


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