I wasn't going to blog today. I just wrote a query (my first one EVER) for an idea that I haven't even started yet, which might change soon because it's a really sexy, scandalous story with a little bit of mystery thrown into the mix.

But then my characters started screaming at me.

It really is hard when a lot of people are screaming at you. Inside of your head. So, last night, I started yelling back at them. Telling them that if they were a bit more cooperative maybe just MAYBE I could tell their story, and then everyone would be happy.

Then I threw in a few tears, just so they would feel bad for making me cry.

Next thing I know, Low, comes up to me, gives me a hug, and starts rambling on about how he thinks character interviews would help me get into the story, so to speak.

I'm always up for trying new things, so I agreed, and here we are:

Low: You're not going to cry on me again today, are you?

Me: No. *blushes* I'm sorry about your shirt.

Low: *shrugs* You could just write me another one.

Me: Okay so... Low, for my readers who might not know who you are, could you tell them a little about yourself?

Low: No problem. Well, I grew up in New York City with a big crazy Irish family. My grandfather was a musician, and when I was younger, he would pull me onto his lap, and sing songs to me. I didn't think playing an instrument and singing was very boyish, so I really never took an interest to it, until after my grandfather died. *looks down*

Me: I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather. But is that the reason why you sing and write songs now? To keep his memory alive.

Low: Partly, yeah. I really took up playing the guitar to get on Kip's nerve. He used to say I wasn't good at playing, and would leave the room whenever I took Gwendolyn out.

Me: *giggle snorts* Gwendolyn?

Low: Yep, that's my baby. In fact, I have her with me today.

Me: Maybe you can play a song later. So, are you and Kip close?

Low: Not really, but our relationship has always been strange. Brothers are supposed to have each other's back, but growing up, Kip and I always fought. All fists, no words. He was bigger than me, so I always got beat up...but yeah, it's always been awkward between me and my brother.

Me: Did you know that Kip was bipolar?

Low: My parents never talked to me about Kip's condition. It was a hush, hush thing in my household. But I always knew that something was wrong with him. Just didn't think he was bipolar.

Me: Were you afraid of him?

Low: Not in the sense that everyone thinks. My father, when he was still around, taught me not to fear anyone who used their fist to settle problems. *smirks* So, basically he was telling me not to fear him. That bastard....but no. I didn't. I just pitied him, and my pity for my brother, was what scared me the most.

Me: Your father beat physically abused your mother?

Low: Oh yeah. When I was five, I had to call 911 because my dad was going through one of his episodes, and.... I don't really want to talk about. Sorry.

Me: No, it's okay. I don't want to talk about anything that makes you uncomfortable.

Low: *smiles softly* I have a question for you.

Me: Fire away.

Low: How did you even come up with me?

Me: Well, you just appeared in my head one day, almost a year ago, and I knew that I needed to give you a story. You are probably one of the most interesting characters I have ever met.

Low: You're just saying that.

Me: I'm not. I'm really not...those songs that you write. Wow. I find myself singing them from time to time.

Low: You act like I write them all by myself. You're the genius behind all of the lyrics. You ever think about doing it professionally?

Me: I think about doing a lot of things professionally, but dreams aren't about thoughts, they are about actions.

Low: I could understand that. Back in New York, before my mom moved us all the way out to Thomas, I used to play at this cafe for a couple bucks. Could have kept doing it, but then I...stopped.

Me: Why?

Low: Because I didn't want music to become all about money and fame. That's where people lose their minds. I sing and play the guitar for my grandfather. Not because I want get a record deal, and make millions.

Me: *shakes head* I really can't understand why Kendall doesn't like you.

Low: *frowns* You wrote her.

Me: Well, it's not like I control everything you guys do. Kendall is a free spirit. She knows what she wants and...

Low: You saw the bruises right?

Me: *looks down* I did.

Low: She wants Kip and he's not going to do anything but bring her pain. He's just like my father.

Me: Kip isn't a bad person. Believe me, I know.

Low: Yeah, right. Whatever.

Me: So... What would you change about yourself if you could?

Low: I love too deeply. When I care for someone, I don't stop caring about them, and if you ask me, that's like committing suicide.

Me: Um...What makes you happy now?

Low: *pushes up sleeves* You see all of these? *points to the words* This, right here. This is what makes me happy. I love writing songs and letting them seep into my skin.

Me: I just have to ask you this, but do you like being called Low?

Low: Well, I certainly don't like to be called Lowell. Low doesn't sound anything like my name, and whenever I tell people that Low is my name, they give me this strange look, but oh well.

Me: I like that you don't care what other people think. But it looks like you have a lot of secrets, what is it that you've never told anyone?

Low: *leans forward and smiles* It wouldn't be a secret anymore if I told you.

Me: Okay, this is the last question, and then I promise you I will let you go. What do you want?

Low: I... I want everything life has to offer. Love, happiness, pain, joy. Everything. Just hand it to my in a jar and I'll keep them like fireflies. *takes out pen* That would make a great song....

Me: *giggles* You are so cute. But thanks for coming up with this idea. It was fun talking to you.

Low: It was fun talking to you. Oh, and about that song? *picks up Gwendolyn*

Thanks for reading!


This is awesome! Love the interview :)


That's great! He sounds like a really great character, and this is a cool way to get into a character's head. :)


Low is adorable, Raven!
I can tell Lost and Found will turn out to be awesome. You got some interesting characters there :)


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