OF STONE AND ICE is still only around 7,000 words. I haven't really had a lot of time to write but I have been taking notes here and there, writing down plot points, information about important characters, and things like that.

The actual storyline is coming along nicely. It's more developed and fleshed out than it was when I first thought of it...which makes me happy because I really feel like I can tell my main character, Lora's story.

I don't really have an official summary to share with you guys but OSAI is about a girl named Lora Anders who, ever since it was revealed that she isn't really the king's daughter, becomes an enemy in her own home. She doesn't know who her real father is but it is believed that her mother had an affair with a Magus (magical race) which is a crime that is punishable by death. Even after King Everett had her mother executed, Lora has remained loyal to the throne. But things...I won't tell you what...happen to test her loyalty. There is a lot of sword fighting, kissing, and a love square. I know, I know. But I swear...there's a reason why I'm calling it a square and not a triangle.

I'm so excited for this project!


The crowd is hungry for blood.

My blood.

They want to see it spill all over the arena floor. King Everett is standing on the platform, waiting for all of the cheering to die down. Krispin enters the room, clad in the traditional armor of a future king - all of which is made out of iron. His hair is pulled back into a pony tail and his sword is brandished.

Lady Waverley told me not worry. She told me I was going to be fine but I didn't feel fine. I didn't feel like I was going to make it out alive. Instead, I felt like the crowd was going to get what they wanted. They were going to see my blood, all of it, spilling out on to the ground in pools.

I was going to die and everyone was going to cheer.

My father was talking, his voice louder than a clap of thunder, but I couldn't hear what he was saying over the pounding of my heart. It was only when he looked in my direction, his eyes cloudier than I have ever seen them in my entire life, that I began to listen to what he was saying. "Tonight, one man will slay this beast. Tonight, we will have a champion!"


So that's what he thought of me. I was a beast. Not a girl. Not his daughter. Not a human being.


Thanks for reading! <3


Aw, man, heartbreaking to hear her once-dad call her a "beast" :( You have some great description and emotion in here.

Just a small note that you change tenses partway through this excerpt.


LOVE this snippet, Raven. I noticed you changed tenses and I wish there was more description, especially with Krispin's armor. I want to get a feel for it - what does it sound like/look like? Is it clunky and loud? Is it heavy? What designs are on it, etc?
But this snippet has really strong emotions and I can't wait to read another snippet soon :)


This was so heartbreaking to read =( I do want to read more, though!


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