I am about to reach 7K on my latest wip OF STONE AND ICE. I started it two days ago and even though it's a new genre and I don't really know what I'm doing, I'm having fun writing fantasy again. The world building isn't really that great since I am just focused on getting the skeleton of the story written but I plan to read other YA Fantasy novels just so I can get an idea of how to go about world building.

I was inspired to write this story by my desire to see more people of color in YA Fantasy and this video.

I'm a HUGE Drake fan and even if you're not, watch this video because it's really beautiful and it reminds me so much of OSAI.

This is first page and a half of OSAI. It's very rough so I apologize in advance for any mistakes!

Elenore's hands shake as she removes the iron shackles from my wrist. I want to tell her not to be afraid of me, that I would never do anything to hurt her, but I know that nothing I say will ease her mind.

She is afraid of me.

I am afraid of myself.

Though I don't want to hurt anybody - I can't seem to control my power yet. This is why the king put iron on my wrist in the first place. He says it's for my own protection, but I know that's not true. He doesn't care what happens to me now that he knows that I'm not really his daughter. There are times when he can't stand to look at me, and when he does - there is a hatred in his eyes that burns brighter than any sun. I know there is a part of him that thinks that I'd be better off dead, but he won't kill me, at least not while I can still be of use to him.

The monster hidden in my bones breathes a sigh of relief once Elenore is finished removing the iron from my body. There are marks on my skin where the shackles had been. They are a constant reminder that I am a prisoner in a place that I once called home.

"King Everett says that I must help you get ready." Elenore's voice is soft, barely a whisper. I remember the days when we used to whisper secrets in each other's ears, and laugh at jokes that only we thought were funny. She was the closest thing I had to a best friend even though I was a princess, and she was just a servant.

I take a step forward. "Ellie..." I start, reaching out to her.

She moves away from me.

Only a few centimeters stands between us but it feels like we are kingdoms apart, as she shakes her head, a few tendrils of hair escaping from her bonnet and tumbling into her frigid blue eyes.

"Stay back," she orders, like I'm some wild, untamed animal.

"Ellie..." I begin again. "Don't do this."

I wanted her lips to tremble and her eyes to thaw. I wanted her to wrap her arms around me, and say that we were still friends, that she wasn't afraid of me, but instead she reached into her apron.

"Lora." Her voice cracked. "I don't want to hurt you but King Everett said that I could...I could plunge this through your heart."

Thanks for reading! <3


What an evocative piece (and music video--I love how all the subtle movements and looks told you so much about their feelings). I definitely hope you continue this. Right off the bat you have amazing conflict and the emotions are so clear here.


Hi I came from the AW blogroll and I just wanted to say I hope you continue this piece. I really enjoyed what you teased us with; subtle movements and the character's thoughts really help us understand the world we're about to read. :-) Don't forget to tease us next week!


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