It's been a while since I've done one of these but...today is Wednesday which means that the lovely bloggers over at YA Highway are hosting their weekly blog carnival Road Trip Wednesday in which a question is posted and people are free to answer the question on their respective blogs.

Here's this weeks topic:

It's almost prom season, and since we love to read and write about teenagers, we want to hear your prom stories!

Well...my prom isn't until next month.
And I know I should be excited about it but...the thing is I'm at a new school which means I didn't get to spend my senior year with my friends. I also wasn't fortunate enough to make new friends and I hardly know any of the people in my senior class. So you're probably thinking "Why exactly are you going to prom?"

Maybe you're not but to answer the question...I'm going because I have always wanted to go to prom. I dreamed of wearing a tiara and a fancy dress and dancing the night away ever since I first saw my cousin at her prom when I was a little kid. I don't have a date and I doubt I'll have one before the big day but...I just want to experience it.

I'm crazy, believe me I know. I'd be better off spending the night at home watching movies and eating popcorn. But I know that if I don't go to prom I'll look back and regret not going. Plus I already have my dress and I paid for my ticket ages ago...so no backing out now!

Here's a picture of me in my dress:


That's a lovely dress. I hope you have a great time, Raven, and that your prom is everything you hoped it would be. :)


Ohhhhh, that dress is gorgeous. Definitely go--if nothing else, you'll get to have a set of pictures of you looking beautiful! (I regret not wearing my pretty blue prom dress--I wrote about that in my post today.) And have a blast!


That dress is really breath-taking! :D
Hope you have a wonderful time at your prom!


Go and have a great time!


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