Haha, okay. I'm kidding. I know what they are but when it comes to writing I don't really pay much attention them.

Or if I do, I won't really know until after I give everything a quick read-through.

So...here we go.

I'm going to put my wip THINGS LEFT UNSAID (which is currently on hold) to the test.

If I utilized all five senses at one point in time, then I get an A. If I've only used four, I'll give myself a B and so on and so forth.


I could hear some guy or girl (you really couldn't tell) singing I don't like the government/they sell sugar coated lies at lemonade stands/ little boys little girls open up your hands in the background.


I heard him say "we need to get you out of these clothes before you catch a cold" but I just couldn't stop screaming and he didn't seem to mind because he stayed with me and helped me pull my arms out of my shirt, his rough calloused fingers setting my bare skin on fire.


"I'm fine," I breathed, though we both knew that I was far from fine. He pushed a bowl of oatmeal towards me - made just the way I liked it with a whole bunch of sugar and cinnamon - only with each spoonful I ate, I felt like I was eating ashes.


Danny was a tired wave as she sunk down onto my bed, her legs, her arms folding in on each other. Right before my eyes she collapsed.
I've never seen this side of her before.



So I'm going myself a C. My strongest areas are sight and touch and I'm fairly good with sounds.

It seems my like my main character hardly eats which I never really would have picked up if it weren't for today's Road Trip Wednesday prompt.

Also, smells aren't really my cup of tea. I don't really use that sense when I write, which is odd. I'll have to work on that.

Enough about me. How do you use the five senses in your writing? Put your own wips or your favorite book to the test, see what grade you get.

And don't forget to stop by YA HIGHWAY to leave a link to your post in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

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