It's taken me YEARS to realize that but it's true.

It doesn't.

Early Sunday morning there was a really bad storm that woke me up and so I put on some music and started reading over my wip which I had temporarily trunked at 35.8k words.

I know it's not good to read over your wip before you finish it, but by the time I read from beginning to end...I was crying.

Not because it's a sad book (it is) but because there were good parts among the extremely sucky parts. There were A LOT of sucky parts but the point I'm trying to make is FIRST DRAFTS ARE GONNA SUCK...and they're gonna suck hard.

But forget about sucking.

Just think about all the good things you have. Think about how happy you'll feel once you finish. Think about FINISHING.

First drafts are made to be fixed. There is nobody in the world who has written a solid first draft. And if you happen to know someone who has - direct me to that person please!

But, seriously, don't give up on your novel especially if you love it. And if you need to take a break from it, take a break. Work on something else for a few days, and then come back to your wip with new eyes.

You can do it.

I believe in you.

Happy writing guys! :D


Thank You! This made me smile, because I had a very hard weekend with my WIP. It seems I scared my muse away, and therefore, ended up eating a lot of sugary things, and crying like an idiot in the shower.

But yes, first drafts suck sometimes, I gotta remember that. ;)Just need to keep on working on it.


Thanks for this post. It's so true! And I needed a post like this. I've been scared of my writing (6th draft, unfortunately) for quite a while, now. Need to get over that.


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