I just wrote this, so it's pretty rough.

But it's a random scene from Lost & Found.

I'll try to get to everyone's when I get home from work.



"Maybe we can rob somebody," he sung, eyes closed, fingers strumming the chords of his acoustic guitar effortlessly, like he's been doing it since the beginning of time. I feel my cheeks flush, the longer I watch him.

This is a private moment, I can tell by the way his lips pull at the corner, the way his voice melts over the words that is pouring out of his mouth, the way he rocks side to side to the melody of his own music.

"Show them how we feel." He plucks a few more strings, and I think about walking away, leaving before he opens his eyes and finds me standing in his doorway.

But I couldn't move. His music paralyzed me. "If we're really nobody, then maybe we're not real." He began tapping his foot, stumping out another beat. It sounded like a drum, only it was softer, fainter, it made the next line in his song soar through my ears, and into my heart.

"Baby, won't you take my hand. I'll lead you out of this place." Low slid his hand down the guitar, making me shiver, because he touched it the way he would if he was making love to somebody. Not like I knew that from personal experience, but he was gentle in that way. The word hurt and pain weren't in his vocabulary, only he was hurting me as he played his song, as the words sunk in.

It was about me and him, leaving, escaping. He wanted me to run away wit him, he wanted me to take his hand, and go to the edges of the universe, with him. He loved me, only I didn't love him.

My eyes burned as tears began to gnaw at them.

"We can be together forever," he whispered. "We'll leave this human race." On that last note, his eyes opened, and as always, they found me, picking me out of the darkness with their intensity. His eyes were like a muddy ocean, I drowned in them, because his words left me so lost, so angry, so sad that I didn't know what to do anymore.

"Kendall," he breathed, and my bones thawed. I backed away from the doorway, away from him. "Kendall."


This is sensual in a unique way. I love it. <3


"His eyes were like a muddy ocean" LOVE LOVE LOVE that line! on a whole, great snip, but I LOVE that line...uh, do you get that I loved that line? no? well, allow me to reiterate...


Wow, this was really good. I LOVED it <3


Ouch, this is going to hurt in the next scene. Great tease.


Love this. Love the line about the tears gnawing at the eyes. Awesome!


Wow, that was enthralling! Loved it! :)


Great excerpt. Definitely teases. :)


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