I am rewriting.

Or at least I am trying to.

Here is a snip of what I have gotten done so far.

It's pretty self-explanatory, I hope.


"Hey babe," Cord whispered in my ear. Water seeped through my shirt, as he pulled me into him.

"You're getting me wet," I murmured, which made him laugh. His chest felt like an engine against my back. Of course he would find that funny. He always heard double meanings in words, especially when he was drunk.

"I could do more than that," he said, spinning me around, so that I was nose to nose with him. Brown hair dripped into his sparkling eyes, and a smirk pulled up the corners of his lips. He pressed them against mine, forcing them apart, slipping his tongue inside, making my head feel like it was on a carousel.

I pressed my hands against his chest, and pushed him away, not really wanting to make-out because every time we did, he always wanted to take it to the next level, and we weren't going there tonight. We weren't going there ever.


=0 Oh boy, Raven. Hot stuff, lol!


Work it Raven! :D This is HOT!


"We weren't going there ever." Dramatic declaration! I'm interested to find out if she sticks to it :) Very sexy kiss scene, love it!



And subtlety and tension...

I'm liking this, girl :)



At the first line, I was totally like, "That's what she said." haha

But like everyone else said... HOT SCENE! I wonder if they ever will go there...


I love this. It's smart and sexy at the same time. And I really get a feel for the characters. I really adore your writing. Excellent.


That is SO HOT! I loved it :D


whew! *fans self* hot stuff! MORE PLEASE :)


Woah. 0_o

Interesting last bit, but mostly - woah!


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