1 main character (preferably female
2 love interests of the paranormal persuasion
1 (0r more) quirky best friend(s)
A whole bunch of cliches
A zillion soppy-love scenes with a side o
f sexual tension
1 cliffhanger ending

1. Once you have your main character (assuming that she's a girl) make sure that she is every bit of a cliche. Make her weak, vulnerable, clingy, nice, sweet, happy, make her self-conscience, make her so naive that it hurts.

2. After you complete the first step, insert two love interest (assuming that they are of the paranormal persuasion) make sure that one really really wants your main character, but he stays away from her because he thinks he is a.) too dangerous and because he is b.) trying to save her precious precious life. As for the other love interest, make sure he has an ulterior motive, and make sure that he and the first love interest hate each other because this will make your book even more alluring and perfect and A-MAZING.

3. Please DO NOT forget the quirky best friend. Even though your perfect book may revolve around the main character and her two beaus, you don't want everyone else to know that. So add in as many unique, crazy, quirky friends you want, because it isn't a perfect book if you don't have any random characters in it, right?

4. Cliches are perfect for YA novels because everyone LOVES them. They are all the rage in the YA world. Trust me.

5. Sexual tension is an important ingredient. It's vital to a story where two guys are fighting over one ordinary, plain-jane. But you know what else is vital? Infatuation. Yeah, don't even worry about making the love mean something. When I mentioned cliches, one of the most important cliches that you will ever use is the 'love at first sight' one. Yeah, a lot of writers use that so go ahead and throw that in there.

6. CONGRATULATIONS. You are THIS close to finishing your YA novel. You have gotten past the climax, but you haven't figured out who your MC is going to choose. That's okay, because that's what cliffhangers are for. With a cliffhanger at the end of your book, you have the right to write another book so your readers will be on the edge of their seats WAITING for more.



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