Today has been a really busy day. I wasn't planning on posting a teaser of anything today, but this blog is looking a bit empty, so I'm just going to post the newest beginning of my dystopian novel. Yeah, I started over. Only because the many beginnings I had before, just weren't going to work out in the end. I could feel it.

This might be one of the last teasers I post from this novel, considering the fact that I still need to do a lot of research, and I'm hoping to start working on my YA contemporary novel soon.

So, without farther ado, here is my teaser:



I loved your voice. You do a great job in first person. It's so hard for me to write. Can't wait to read more.


I loved this. Loved the MC's voice and I so want to know more!


Ohhhh AWESOME! The voice is great, and it's the hardest thing to nail, and I think you've done a great job here.


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