Yesterday some boy thought it would be really funny to throw snowballs and launched one at my head. Instead it wasn't snow. It was a chunk of ice and to make a long story short, I have a concussion and I can't go to school.

I'm really not supposed to be on the computer, but I have nothing else to do. My friends are going to be calling me throughout the day to make me feel better, but Teaser Tuesday is something I look forward to every week, so I'll try to read everyone's today, if my brain allows it.

But without father ado, here's a teaser from Fighting the Fire.

"I was just thinking," Duncan started, stuffing his hands in his pocket. I don't know how long we had been walking, but the sun was starting to sink behind the clouds, spraying the sidewalks gold.

"You do that a lot now lately," I said, jokingly. "Careful, you might hurt your brain." He usually laughed at my jokes, but when his blue eyes slammed against mine, there wasn't humor in them.

"About you and me. Everything that has happened. What you are and what I am ..." He looked off into the distance. "becoming."


"It's worth it," he replied.

My breath caught.

Duncan rendered me speechless. He took pride in that, and smiled. In that smile I found peace, as I always had, but I could still see the sword dangling over his head.

The longer I stayed with him, the more it lowered until it was pressing into his angelic curls. I did not mean for our friendship to turn into this.

His eyebrows knitted together. "What's wrong?"

The sun was quickly slipping into the horizon, and pretty soon night would bring all the things I tried to protect him from.

He pulled me to a stop, when I didn't answer him. "Eden."

I looked at him. "Sometimes I wish I can go back."

He chuckled, uneasily. But regarded me with a worried gaze. "You don't usually say serious things like that. What's..."

"Wrong?" I finished for him. "A lot of things. You, me. What you are and what I am. There is no looking around that, Duncan."

"If you're afraid of Paul then...." he started, taking my hands into his.

"I'm not scared of your brother. He could go to Hell, for all I care."

"Then what is it, Eden?" His voice rose an octave, and a rosy color painted his cheeks. He looked angry, frustrated even. That was rare for him. "I am trying to be there for you, but every time you let me in, you end up pushing me back out again."

I pulled away from him. "Maybe it's better that way."


oh wow! I'm so curious about what they are. loads of tension in that moment.


I'm still liking Duncan. :D


oooh, lots of intrigue in this. I am so interested to know what they are becoming.

hope the concussion gets better soon! :( I had one a couple years ago, and it took like three weeks before I felt like myself again. get well, soon!


I am also really interested about what is going on with them. What is she? What is he becoming? Very interesting!

Sorry about the head injury. Kids are stupid


oh I hope you feel better soon.

I loved this. There's a lot of tension and I'm extemely intrigued about what they're becoming. Hooked!


I liked the juxtapositions of Eden's name and "wanting to go back"/"being pushed out" interesting phrasing here and Duncan's character intrigues me - hope the concussion will go away soon and btw. on t hat note: had to highlight the text in your post to be able to read it, maybe make it a light color such as white or the light yellow in the background to make it a little easier on the eyes? :)


The boy needs a lesson from yours truly. NOBODY MESSES WITH RAVEN AND GETS AWAY WITH IT!


Loved the teaser <3 I'm loving your progress in this one!


A) I hope you feel better soon. And I hope that jerk has somebody hit HIM in the head.

B) Great teaser! These two characters are just so intriguing!!


I wanted this one to be longer!


I remember you posting some things about this story, and it is as great as it sounded when you explained it! Nice teaser!


Sorry about the ass who chucked ice on your head. And a great teaser, btw. Loved it. The mystery of what's happened to Eden and Duncan, and how it affects their relationship, has got me totally hooked


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