I love reading books in first person, mainly because it feels like you are actually the person inside the book. Sometimes you don't want to be that character, because they might go through some things that scare you half to death. Other times, their life is full of adventure and love and beauty.

That is one of the reasons why I would not mind being Grace from Shiver. She is dating one of the sweetest werewolves I have ever read about. Sam is artistic and romantic and vulnerable and oh my goodness he has yellow eyes. *swoons*

I love Sam.

Okay, Sam isn't the only reason why I would want to be Grace. The fact that she may or may not be a werewolf herself is kind of awesome. Though she is still human, she has these super amazing wolf senses and that is just really really cool.

Also, I always thought of myself as Jane Eyre for some reason. We are so much alike in so many ways. Plus, I have this crush on Mr. Rochester none of my friends understand. But seriously. He's so dark and Byronic and he really, he puts Edward Cullen to shame. Bella kept saying Edward was cryptic but Mr. Rochester... *sighs dreamily*

And then I really wanted to be Rose Hathaway from the Vampire Academy series, but I am terrified of everything. So I probably would not be down with killing Strigoi. But it would be worth it for Adrian and Dimitri .... *drools*

Alright, alright. I lied in the beginning. Sam has everything to do with why I want to be Grace. Mr. Rochester has everything to do with why I want to be Jane. Basically, it's all about the love interest.

Don't get me wrong. I love a strong female lead as the main character, but at the end of the day, I will most likely be swooning over the plot and the love interest.

Remember people. It's all about the love interest.

Oh and before I forget....

Alexandra Bracken, author of Brightly Woven, a book I have been eying for a while now, is having a huge contest. Clicky.


Hehehe. It is all about the love interest, isn't it? :D

*considers putting up with all that life-or-death stuff in Hunger Games just to have a chance with Gale*


Yes it is!

Even though I haven't read HG yet, I have already chosen Gale because Peeta is an extremely weird name for a boy and every time I hear his name I think of bread.


I love how you honed right in on the important part. :D The problem with this for me is that I always always always am totally in lurve with someone random who the main character definitely does not get with.


Agreed. We have to relate to the MC, but we also need an opposite player to fall in love with. Sam is utterly adorable.


Great choices! I agree. Love interests are everything.

Mr Rochester has always fascinated me. He's a true brooding Romantic hero. The sort with the deliberate capital 'r'.


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