Nothing at the moment. I haven't read anything in about a week or two and I don't know why. I have such a long TBR list to get through before I go back to school.


I haven't written anything since Monday. I didn't even attempt to work on any of my WIPs. I'm hoping this is a different story by next Monday. All of this lack of writerly productivity sucks!

Well, in case I haven't mentioned this before, I have to go to a different campus to finish out my degree because my old one didn't offer my major (Sociology). I was a little nervous about switching and while I am going to miss my old campus a lot, finding out that I get to live in the best (from what I've heard) residence hall on campus is making me really excited to move in. It was designed by the same architect who did Harvard's dorms (once upon a time I wanted to go to Harvard for law school, so I think that's freakin' awesome), it's walking distance from most of my classes, and it's EXTREMELY GORGEOUS. I might not get much time to write next semester but if I do I'm inspired just by the thought of being able to write surrounded by such beautiful scenery.
This picture doesn't really do it much justice but it's really pretty in person.

Aside from gushing over where I'm living next year, I've been preparing for next semester since it's literally around the corner. I am going shopping this week for school supplies. I honestly hate this part of the going-back-to-school process. It involves shopping; my least favorite thing to do.
In other news, I HAVE AN INTERNSHIP! I keep wanting to shout that from every rooftop haha. I know that it's going to be a challenge juggling my schoolwork and an internship but I welcome that challenge with open arms.
Enough about me, what's going on with you guys?


Congratulations on the internship! :) And your new campus does look very beautiful. :D

I hope you get some more of that writerly inspiration soon. Have a great week!


That view looks familiar. Maybe all colleges look the same. Hmm...Idk. the nicest residents hall at my undergrad were the farthest from campus so it's probably not the same. Thanks for sharing.


Best of luck with the internship. And that campus is lovely. Have a great week.


Congrats on your internship! Hopefully you'll get motivation back for reading and writing soon. :)


Congratulations on the internship! And the school looks gorgeous. If I were you, I'd just let it all seep in. I'm sure the motivation to read and write will come back in time. Life always comes in phases. Enjoy shopping ;)


That looks like a gorgeous place to live! I love the trees, reminds of me of when I lived in CT.
Congrats on the internship and good luck with your school shopping! I've gotta get around to mine too- for my kids.


Congratulations on the internship! I'm trying not to think about the new semester starting. There's just SO much to do.

I hear you on the not reading despite a long TBR list. I had a ton of books I hoped to read this summer and unfortunately that's not going very well.


Congrats on the internship! Your campus is beautiful! Reminds me of some of the college campuses back home.

I can also relate to you on the writing front. Lately, I've been struggling with finding the right words, or even finding words at all. Sending you good writing juu-juu and lots of creative thoughts.

Have a great week!


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