What's Up Wednesday

What's Up Wednesday is a weekly meme started by Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk where writers post about what's up by answering four questions. If you want to participate, you can click on either one of the links.
I am still re-reading Shadow & Bone. It's going really slow but it feels good to revisit this world again. And, is it bad that I still really like the Darkling even after I know about all the things that he's done? I'm going to assume the answer to my question is yes.
Well I wrote three sentences! I know that's not a lot but it's a step up from not having anything at all. I'm really excited about getting back into the story and to be done with notes. Also, remember in my Ready. Set. Write! post when I said my flash drive was broke? Well, it's still broke BUT I was able to retrieve the updated file of my wip as well as some other files. I write mostly in Scrivener because I don't have Microsoft Word on my new laptop. I knew about the backup feature that Scrivener has but, I guess, in my frustration, I forgot about it. So, after remembering it existed and a few minutes of searching, I found the backup folders. Yay! And I do use Dropbox and OneDrive but I didn't think to save the files in one of those places (I know I know) instead of my flash drive. I have learned my lesson now. I won't be relying too much on flash drives anymore. I'm just glad I got some of my writing back! Thanks for all of the tips everyone. I think on top of saving my writing to Dropbox and OneDrive, I'll email them to myself too. :)
The worldbuilding in Shadow & Bone. I like how it's complex but not too complicated. I just really love this book and the series and the more I read, the more it inspires me to want to get my own YA Fantasy written.
I got some exciting school/internship related things in my inbox yesterday. My first article over at Carpe Juvenis also went up (which I was pretty excited about!!!), so the first day of July started off pretty good for me. I hope that it's a sign that this will be a great month.
How's your week going so far? I hope July started off wonderful for you guys!


  1. Definitely a great start to July for you :D Congratulations! Eep, technology failures are the worst. It's always good to keep multiple backups... Which I really need to sort out. Have a great week!

  2. I really need to jump onto the Grisha bandwagon - I still haven't read that trilogy yet! Glad to hear you managed to find those files, good luck with your WIP. :)

    Sounds like July's treating you well so far, have a great week!

  3. @Miss Cole: Thank you! And they are. Especially being writers, they're such a pain. But it has taught me that I need to be a little better about backing up my work.

    @Jess: You do! It's AMAZING. I hope you get to read them soon. You won't regret it. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  4. What a wonderful start to July! I really must read Shadow and Bone (is it bad I STILL haven't?!)
    As for writing - someone once told me, it's better to write one word than none and so many people just write none so you're doing better than most! As for Scriveners back up feature - over new years I finished my first draft. The following day Scrivener completely lost the plot taking EVERYTHING with it. Luckily somewhere in my archives the files were able to be recovered onto word, perhaps that was the backup feature! I say always best to have a floating version as well like on Google Drive or something!! Have a great week

  5. Ooh, great start to July, Raven! :D Very productive! And hey, three sentences are way better than none. Sometimes it just takes a slight tip to send you into a writing frenzy, so here's hoping :)

    I've heard nothing but good things about Shadow & Bone, I'll have to see if the library has it in stock. Enjoy the rest of your week!

    - Caitie

  6. Great news about being able to recover your files! :)

    I love the worldbuilding in the Grisha trilogy. It's so unique and detailed.

    Have a great week!

  7. Oh, thank goodness you were able to retrieve your WiP files! I'm not a Scrivener gal (yet?), but this is definitely another point in its favour. What a relief that must be! I have RUIN AND RISING sitting on my shelf, so I really should get to it soon. Have a great week, Raven! :D

  8. Congratulations on getting your files back! I know that panic. It's why I've finally gone with an automatic backup so I don't have to remember to save it to the backup. I still use my flash drive as another backup, though. :)

  9. Exciting school/internship things are always good! I'm glad that you managed to get your files back.

    I don't use flash drives as a rule anymore because I once put the most recent draft of my manuscript on one just long enough to transfer it between computers and ended up losing 10,000 words. Scrivener's automatic back-up and Dropbox are blessings. I try to remember to email completed first and final drafts to myself too but I haven't been doing great at that recently.

  10. I'm glad you were able to recover your files. I was without a laptop for months and I put all my my novels on a jump drive, email, dropbox and google drive. Backuping is very important. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Okay, your bad flash drive experience is really scaring me! I need to figure out how to back up my Scrivener files on Drop Box, so I don't ever have the same issue. Yikes! I love Scrivener but I'm still learning how to use a lot of features. I'm so glad you were able to retrieve your WIP! I can't even imagine what a relief that must have been!

    I really need to order RUIN & RISING but I keep forgetting it's out. I'd love to reread right from the beginning of the series too, but time is too slim this summer. Ah well.

    Best of luck getting back into the swing of writing now that you're done with your notes and technical difficulties! :)

  12. Hey, great to meet you. Congrats on your three sentences, (all words are good!) and hurray for finding the writing that you thought was lost.