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Okay, let's do this!

I am currently reading ONE by Leigh Ann Kopans and believe me when I say it's really REALLY GOOD. It's light sci-fi with a side of sweet romance. That sounds awesome, right? Well, I'm almost done reading it and it's making me sad because then it means I'll have to say goodbye to the characters until the sequel comes out...*sigh* But, yeah, you'll definitely want to buy this when it releases next month. :)


I am *this* close to reaching 5K on my new project, The Deduction of Shana Nichols. It's a New Adult mystery inspired by Elementary, Nancy Drew and Veronica Mars (just a little). I love the story and my goal is to have a shiny (okay, maybe not TOO shiny) first draft by the end of next month. If you want to read the first page, you can find it here. But, let me be the one to warn you. It sucks at the moment. Really, it does. I'm not even sure I'll keep this beginning but for now it works. Also, the main character, Shana, is so much fun to write. She's really smart and isn't afraid to find answers to questions she has even if it means getting in loads of trouble.


Well, I will say, at the moment, Elementary is a huge inspiration. I started watching it not too long ago and it is now on my list of shows that I really really love. Not only that but the dynamics between Sherlock/Joan is really interesting. Also, I have a slight crush on Johnny Lee Miller. (And by slight, I mean HUGE.) If you don't watch the show, the first season wrapped up not too long ago so you have time to get caught up before the second season. You won't regret it. I promise.


  • Nothing much, to be honest. I'm catching up on my shows, writing, and reading. I hope to get a job somewhere soon. I'm going to fill out some applications and I hope I get hired somewhere because being a broke college student IS NOT fun.
  • Next week, I have a luncheon with the company who might be giving me an internship next Summer *crosses fingers* so I went to go get an outfit for that. It's supposed to be casual but I still wanted to look nice. Hehe, sorry my life isn't that exciting at the moment. Hopefully I have something more fun to report about next week. :)

How are things going for you guys?



So I'm totally envious of you reading ONE. I can't wait to read that one! Your WIP sounds really interesting too, especially the whole Elementary/Nancy Drew/Veronica Mars comp. Sounds like something I'd like. :-) I started watching Elementary but got sidetracked. I keep meaning to get back to it because I really enjoyed it. I kind of love Johnny Lee Miller too. He was especially good as Mr. Knightley in Emma, so now when I watch Elementary I can't help thinking how Mr. Knightley has tattoos. :P (Not really, but you know what I mean.)


First of all, I LOVE Elementary! Johnny Lee Miller is amazing as Sherlock. He's my favourite Sherlock actually, because I find him to have more humanity than the other versions. He's a genius and at times social inept, but he still has compassion. Good luck on your WIP! Sounds intriguing!

And thanks for the recommend on ONE by Leigh Ann Kopans. Light sci-fi with a side of romance is at the very top of my reading (and writing) list. :)


Ahh, I can't get enough of the girl detective. I was a HUGE ND fan and there really needs to be something in the market like that again. :0)


Have you seen Steven Moffat's "Sherlock" starring Benedict Cumberbatch? If not, you really need to. You'll love it. I know you will. :)

Being a fiscally-challenged student is no fun. I hope the jobs and the internship work out for you.


Ooh, I'm really interested in ONE and I love the cover! Lucky you that you are already reading it!

YAY for another fan of Elementary! I really love the show, though it took a few episodes for me to warm up to it. I was a little resistant because I'm already a big fan of BBC's Sherlock, and I was afraid this would be a poor rehash of it. But it is not! I LOVE the modernization of the characters (omg, that twist in the finale? And how much do I love JOAN Watson? A LOT!) and story, and it's quite different from Sherlock so it doesn't invite that kind of comparison.


If you like Johnny Lee Miller, I will assume you've seen Trainspotting and Hackers. If not - you're welcome ;)


I love Elementary SO MUCH. I watch Sherlock, too, and I love it, but I might love Elementary more, just because of the dynamic between Joan and Sherlock - despite it all, Sherlock really respects Joan as a (near) equal, plus I just love the whole bromance vibe that's going on. I love the dynamic in Sherlock, but sometimes it feels like John is sort of just along for the ride.


Catching up on shows, writing, and reading... Sounds familiar. :-)

Your WiP has me all kinds of intrigued. I'm a fan of NA, and I love the mystery element you mentioned. Best of luck as you continue writing!

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I need to watch that version of Emma one day now that I know that Johnny Lee Miller is in it. I'm not a fan of the Gwyneth Paltrow version, so this one should be much better.


Yay! Another fan of Elementary. And I agree, Johnny Lee Miller IS amazing as Sherlock. I watch Sherlock too and I like it but I think where the writers did right with Elementary is making Sherlock more than just his brilliant mind. He's so much more human and I think a lot of people can relate to him because of it.

And thanks! I'm going to need all of the luck I can get. :)

Also, ONE is a gem. I finished it a few days ago, and I can honestly say that it was refreshing to read.


I agree! My mom was the one who introduced me to Nancy Drew. We have almost all of the Nancy Drew games for the computer and for most of my childhood I can remember us trying to solve the different mysteries. There definitely does need to be more girl detective stories. I love a good mystery, so hopefully I can do this idea justice. :)


I have watched Sherlock before and I do love it. :) I need to get caught up because I haven't watched it in a while so I know I'm really far behind.

And thanks. :)


That twist blew my mind. I really was not expecting it and...wow. I'm really glad that it was two episodes instead of one, because I don't know how the writers would've been able to fit everything into one episode. And I love Joan too! She's not a sidekick like the way Watson is usually portrayed. She is a strong character and Lucy Liu/Johnny Lee Miller have so much chemistry it's insane. I also love that Elementary is different from Sherlock. I had high hopes for it from the moment I saw the first previews for the show, and I'm really glad the show lived up to (and in some ways) exceeded my expectations.

I can't wait for Season 2!


No, I haven't seen either of those movies. Haha, they were before my time (I think I was two when Trainspotting came out) so I have an excuse. But I will most definitely watch both. And thanks. :)


I like Elementary more than Sherlock, too. Sherlock is a really good show, but I love it when there are new takes on things especially since there is a lack of originality in tv shows/movies nowadays. I like how they remixed both characters and made them relateable. I also like that Watson is a woman and that her being a woman isn't the center of the show. Sherlock has so much respect for her, and every time she grows as a detective you can see that he is genuinely proud of her.


Thank you so much! :)

And I feel like reading, catching up on shows, and writing is how this first part of my summer vacation is going to look. I'm not complaining though. I have A LOT of catching up to do haha.


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