Today I really actually do love monday.

I don't have school today or tomorrow which is too awesome for words.

I know I haven't done this in a while, but if you want to check out the last "I Love..." Monday click here. I'm just going to post things that I am currently in love with and would LOVE if you guys did it too. If you do decide to participate in "I Love..." Monday just leave the link in the comments.

So...I wasn't really going to check out this show. To be honest, I didn't have any desire to. I mean...I love a good mystery. I have a Sherlock Holmes computer game and I own mostly all of the Nancy Drew interactive games that I used to play with my mom when I was younger, but for some reason I just didn't feel inclined to watch Sherlock. Let's face it, I have so many tv show addictions it's not even funny. From Parenthood to Being Human...I watch EVERYTHING. Then I saw that Steven Moffat co-created Sherlock and I was sold. Now if you don't know who Steven Moffat is, then I suggest you leave my blog for a moment and google him. If you've never seen Doctor Who then I won't say a word to you until you go and watch a few episodes.

Well anyways, this show is AMAZING. There are probably more words I could use to describe it but in a nutshell...it's perfect, flawless. Benedict Cumberbatch brings Sherlock's character to life. I love him and this show. Give it a watch. Season 1 (which is only 3 episodes) is on Masterpiece Mystery's website until February 28, so you still have time to get caught up with this AMAZING show.

Don't you just love this?

Whispers in the Dark is my new project and I'm glad to announce that I'm really actually outlining this project. I want to get this one right. I'm tired of hitting walls and not finishing anything that I start. I have the first three chapters outlined and chapter one is halfway finished. I'm so excited about this project I can't even begin to explain. I won't give anything away but WitD has a lot to do with Djinns and myths that I gave my own little spin to. And the cover art was made for me by another lovely writer from AW who is EXTREMELY good at making covers and this particular picture is currently my screensaver. It helps motivate me to finish this project.

Not only do I love this project and the cover art but I love finding pics of my characters, I have only found a pic of my main character Jo, but I'll keep an eye out.

The idea for WitD has had a chance to sit and simmer for over a year now and I really am drawn to it because I want to write something dark, romantic, and magical. Though I do enjoy writing contemporary YA as well I need a break from reality.

Did I mention that I was outlining? (That picture isn't the outline of my novel, but it's from the website which can be found here) I can't really believe it myself but...I'm outlining! I always thought I would be a die-hard pantser but Liquid Story Binder has shown me the light lol

I only have the 30 Day Trial but I'll just export all of my files before it expires, and hopefully using Word, I'll be able to continue outlining/planning and if you never heard of Liquid Story Binder, give it a chance. You might like it. You may even LOVE it.

That's all I have for you today guys. But tell me...what are you in love with today?

Thanks for reading! <3


WOW! Outlining for the first time??? I'm about to start doing that myself on the new WiP, and I'm terrified! I'll be watching you closely.

Don't you just love it when you find photos of your MC? Jo is BEAUTIFUL. <3


Woah, Raven, I hope this new project works out. The cover art is awesome and I ADORE stories with magic.


@Leigh Ann - You can do it! I was scared about outlining because I thought there was a certain way you had to do it, but it's SO helpful knowing what's going to happen next. It makes it easier to write chapters. Good luck with your new WIP! :D

@Bee - Thanks, I hope it works out too. I'm tired of night finishing anything hehe.


I was so going to ask you the other day on Twitter if you were watching Sherlock. Like you, I wasn't sure about watching when the BBC started the promos, until my son, rather excitedly, screamed that Moffat was on board. I've watched everything he's done. One of the reasons I knew Doctor Who wouldn't suck was him and Russell. So I'm ecstatic that you are watching Sherlock. I think Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are two of the finest English actors around.


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