So I know I haven't been posting a lot and I know that when I do post I say that but...sorry guys. Senior year hasn't been as easy as I had hoped it to be. I have Midterms to study for and I'm not doing so well in my AP Calc class so I really have to work hard to make sure I get a high grade.

I'm also trying to figure out where I'm going to college. I got accepted into both of the schools that I applied to, and now I just have to tour them before I make my final decision.

Anyways, I just thought I'd share this AMAZING song with you. You might have heard it before because everyone else on the interwebs seems to have heard it before (except for me...I live under a rock haha) but this guy's voice is so beautiful and this video is creative and the song is something everyone can relate to.

I've had this song on repeat since yesterday. Honestly, it's like I can't live without listening to it. I know that sounds a little dramatic but music is one of my favorite things in the world besides writing. I write songs and I sing (a little) but whenever I hear a song that's filled with as much emotion and depth as this one...the musician side of me geeks out.

Also, you should check out some of his other songs. The woman in the video is Kimbra (never heard of her before yesterday) but she has a song called Settle Down that is equally good and expressive and you should go listen to that song as well and...I should really get back to studying but...have you heard any new songs that has blown her mind recently?

I love all kinds of music except for country...okay that's a lie...there are some songs that I don't mind listening to especially if they're by The Civil Wars or Lady Antebellum but other than that I am not a huge country music fan.

But I'm looking forward to hearing what new music you guys have discovered!

Thanks for reading! <3


Hmm, a couple of days ago I found this song called Fall into Place by Apartment.

And there´s this other one, not very new, Seasons in the Sun by Nirvana.
I can´t stop thinking about that song, it´s so sad and melancholic.


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