This is from As the World Burns. I'm starting two new projects, so I might have something new to post next week.

I was leaning up against a tree, counting lightning bugs, when I felt another presence. The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

"What you did back there was very brave." My muscles relaxed, when I realized that it was just the Ranger.

Just a Ranger, I thought. Rangers were dangerous people. They were trained to kill, trained to show no mercy. I should be scared of him. I should be terrified, but I wasn't.

I turned to meet his dark gaze.

"I did what I had to do," I said, not knowing what else to say. The truth seemed like the easiest answer, because it was true. I did need to do this. Seth was my best friend, and I would get shot a million times to save his life, and to save mine. It wasn't courage that led me to stand in between the mouth of the gun and Seth, it was selfishness. I was only thinking of myself and how I would feel if my best friend was no longer in this world, if he was lying on the ground with blood spilling out of him. I had seen too much death and blood for one night, so if he was going to die, so was I.

But the point of it all, was this. I didn't die. Instead, I was standing here conversing with the Ranger who saved my life.

"Why did you do it?" I asked.

"I'm sorry," he said. "Why did I do what?"

"Why did you stand between me and the line of fire? Your partner was going to kill us, so why didn't you let him?"

I expected for the Ranger to shrug, to not answer me at all, but I should have known that this boy was different. In fact, I did know. It was just too hard to believe, that someone with this job, a job that required for one to kill, to destroy, to show no mercy - could be real, human.


Wow, in just that short period of time, you pulled me in. Loved it.


Wow, but this is intriguing. Such an epic scene, it's great!


please dont stop writing this! i really like these teasers :)


Short and ridiculously intriguing. Wonderful teaser! :D


"It was just too hard to believe, that someone with this job, a job that required for one to kill, to destroy, to show no mercy - could be real, human." <-- this line is so great, I love the internal conflict there. I want to find out more about Rangers! Especially this mysterious one


I'm loving this. The concept is great and I love the different world you've made up. :D <33


Oooh, do I sense some possible sparks? Love it.


Wow. Thanks again for the comments. You guys are amazing! Thanks for taking the time to read. <3


I'm hooked. I'm sold. Want more!


KEEP GOING!!! I hearts it already!!

PS Love your new blog layout!!


SuperAwesome! Honestly, it grasps you into the scene and makes you ask for more!


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