I don't know what is wrong with me, but I can't find inspiration anywhere. Music doesn't help. Spending time out with friends doesn't help. I have tried everything, but for some reason I just can't write.

So I have concluded that my muse is on vacation, and seriously guys, it sucks. Every writer probably goes through this once or twice or forty times in their writing career, but my goodness, how long is it supposed to last?!

For four weeks, I haven't been able to write. FOUR WEEKS. Every day that passes that I don't write, makes me feel so...down. If that is even the right word to describe it.

The root of my problem is that I have so many WIPs and I don't know which one to focus on. To make matters worse, each of my WIPs are a different genre. One is contemporary ( Lost & Found), another is an urban fantasy (Charmed), a dystopian (As the World Burns) and a science fiction novel (Stars That Fall)

Which one to pick?

Sometimes I wish I could just stick with one idea. Work on it without stopping, and without getting an SNI. Because even if I do try to ignore the shiny new idea, I always end up working on it, because I am not strong. I am weak, and easily persuaded by new characters, who are just so darn persuasive, and UGH.

If anybody has been in the same predicament as me, please, please, PLEASE tell me how you got out of it and what you did to get your muse back from the ridiculously long vacation it has been taking.

Oh and since it is Music Monday, here is the song that I have been addicted to for quite a long time now.


:( I'm sorry about your block, but I do love that song. {{hug}}


I'm so sorry about your block too... *huggle*

But I tend to have a lot of WIPs too, although I never get stuck. I guess it's because I can go into any WIP at random and just write. I wish I can share my multiple-WIP writing powers with you! :*


I'm sorry about that. Maybe this article I wrote can help http://www.sellingbooks.com/the-end-of-writers-block Try to beta for other writers, outline through it, or just write even though you know it may be bad, you can always edit. Or join a critique group to get through the hard spot. Chin up, your muse is working on something even better than before.


I know all too well what you mean about having too many WIPs a lot of times I feel like I can't keep myself focused on one project- I even wrote a blog post about it- check it out here: http://marquitamarks.blogspot.com/2010/04/adult-adhd-writing-what-relationship.html


BTW- your post title would be the good start of a short story or a poem :)


Having the same problem. It sucks sooo bad.


I so know how you feel about each day passing. We're in this thang together. We can do it!! <3


I know how you feel, I was going through this crap just yesterday (and a month before). I just forced myself to write today and finished a novella that I was writing for fun awhile ago. I usually don't have multiple WIPs that I try and write at once, but it's my perfectionism that was stopping me.

I wish you luck in getting rid of your block.


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