In a world where no one can hide - Nia Thorne is invisible.

CONCEAL is a software that makes it impossible for anyone to track or see you. It was created by Nia's scientist father for the Underground - an international group of rebels who are hell-bent on dismantling the government. Luke Thorne had been a member of the Underground for years which is why Nia was a bit confused when he came home and told her that: a.) he quit his job and b.) they needed to go into hiding.

Nia has been hiding for a year now.

She doesn't know where her father is and because he has CONCEAL installed in his brain - she can't track him. Now seventeen, Nia must fend for herself. With invisibility on her side, she can rob grocery stores and malls whenever she pleases, sleep in luxury hotels and dine at five-star restaurants. Sometimes she goes to sit in classrooms and other times she sneaks into movie theaters, anything to keep her from thinking about her father.

And then she meets Julian.

He can see her.

He's the first person she's spoken to in a year.

He tells her that he can help her.

She believes him.


Wow, this sounds so amazing!! I'm also doing NaNo. So best of luck!


This sounds really cool, Raven! I'm also doing NaNo :) See you on December 1 with a shiny new draft. Hehe. ;)


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