Road Trip Wednesday is a meme that was started by the lovely ladies over at YA HIGHWAY. Every Wednesday they present a question, and invite bloggers to answer this question on their respective blogs.
Today's Topic

You're packing for a month on a deserted island. What, as a reader and writer, must be in your backpack?

I have been camping in the middle of nowhere. I have been to a "beach" in Florida. I'm really a city girl, but if by chance I should ever get to visit a deserted island for a month.

I would bring:
  • A notebook (or two, or three, or four)
  • My iPod
  • Some books (If I can't fit all of the ones I want to take with me in my bookbag, then I'll just carry them in my arms. I don't mind.)
  • Food to last me a month
  • Water
  • A portable tent
  • A blanket (just in case there's a breeze)
  • Really awesome sunglasses
  • A pack of sparkly pink pens with the feathers on the top.
  • A camera so I can take pictures of anything amazing I see. I mean, you never know. Hot mermen could really exist.

So, yeah, as a writer, a deserted island would be my ideal getaway. I like peace and quiet when I write. Correction - the only thing I like to hear when I'm writing is my music. If someone is talking to me, or standing over me, I can't really concentrate.

Last but not least, I would take all of my writer-buddies over at AW. I know they can't all fit in my bookbag, but...there's no harm in trying right?


Good thinking with the tent and the sunglasses. Both of them I forgot! And food and water.

Yep I'd be dead in the matter of hours


AW island retreat! You are a genius.


The feathery pens sound awesome.

As does the AW writer deserted island party!


I totally forgot sunglasses. (Don't know how that one happened.)

I love the pic BTW.


I forgot my camera! Guess I won't have any pictures of my monthlong, Sea-Doo-riding island extravaganza. :P


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