Road Trip Wednesday is a blog carnival hosted by the lovely ladies over at YA Highway.

This week's question: What's in your DUFF kit?

Super amazing author Kody Keplinger's book The Duff was released yesterday and if you haven't got your copy yet, I suggest you leave my blog now and go to your nearest book store, because it's definitely worth reading.

To celebrate the release of such a fab novel, for today's Road Trip Wednesday we're going to put together our own Duff kits.

I LOVE Emilia's definition.

DUFF Kit n. A collection of fun, comfy items to be used during a relaxing night alone or with friends; this collection entails zero pressure to be the prettiest, smartest or funniest person in the room. I was feeling like a disgrace to Earth, but then I broke out my DUFF kit, and it was AWESOME. (Yay!)

Okay, so here's mine:

OMG. Who doesn't like a nice vanilla bean frappucino with a shot of mocha on a nice hot day or any day....

I want to live in Starbuck's. That is seriously like a writer's paradise. I don't care how many carbs are in a frappucino. They're good, and I love them so that is that.

2. Shoes? Those are so overrated.

I am seriously not a fan of shoes. Not that I don't wear them because duh I have to, but I'll have to say that socks by themselves are way more comfortable than any shoe. Especially when it's like super hot outside. But, I do love a nice pair of bunny slippers.
(See, that dog knows what I'm talking about.)

3. Johnny Depp is just...there are no words

I used to dream of marrying this man. I know he's like thirty years older than me, but I LOVE him. He's an amazing actor, possibly one of the best male actors out there, hands down. Who cares about Taylor Lautner and Zac Efron? Hmm...I can't possibly pick a favorite out of the many JD movies I've seen, but I have to say that I really really like the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Chocolat, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Sleepy Hollow, and Edward Scissorhands.

4. Entenmann's Devils Food Donuts

These are the kind of donuts you would sell your soul for, seriously. When I have an unbelievably horrible day, I just eat two of these and all my worries are washed away with every sweet, chocolatey bite. I don't even care that it's ridiculously high in calories. Chocolate = A girl's best friend. Unless, you're the kind of girl who freaks out if you eat any carbs.

5. Pajama pants & T-Shirt

This is my ideal comfortable outfit. Even though I like to wear jewelry and fitted tees and fashionable outfits, I really veg out in pajama pants and a T-shirt when I get home.

So that's my Duff kit. What's yours?


I have to stop reading these posts. Now I want cookies, brownies, ice cream AND doughnuts.


Haha, I was searching out for other people's DUFF kits and found yours... it seems like Johnny Depp movies are a popular choice. :P I included his movies in my list too.


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