As of now, this is the beginning of my novel Lost & Found.

I could taste the night on my tongue. The acrid smoke, as fire licked at pieces of wood. The bittersweet scent of beer, as it was passed from mouth to mouth.
This was the usual flavor of Olivia Chang's parties.
She only threw them when her parents weren't around, and lately they have been going on a lot of business trips, so once their cars pull out of the driveway, she dials a few numbers, and in less than an hour, music, booze, and bonfires fill her backyard along with a lot of people from school whose names I don't even really know or care to know.
The dock is the only place where people aren't smoking, drinking, dancing, doing whatever, so I step off of the porch, and make my way over to the lonely wooden slab.
Before all of the drinking and the partying, Liv's place used to be my getaway. Out here, surrounded by the mountains and the open sky, I felt like I was in another world, one that was so much more beautiful, so much unlike my own.
There weren't any plates being launched at my head, no drunken insults, no beer bottles, no cigarette butts, no pervy men who liked to stare at my chest. It was just me and Liv and sometimes Cord, who over the past three years, has traded in his bifocal glasses for contacts and a sex-drive bigger than Texas.
It's colder near the lake. I pull my sweater closed, and stand there looking out into the sky, at the white-gold peaks of the mountain range. They look close enough for me to touch, but you could walk for miles and miles and still not reach them.
Who knew a small town could feel so big?
The legs of the dock wobble, as I sit down, and dangle my legs over the side. I can feel the water licking at my toes. It's cold and wet and for a moment, I wish that it would pull me under, let me sink down to the bottom where kisses were stolen, and childhood trinkets were lost.
What do you think?


love that last paragraph...really the whole snip. It really tells a lot without being overly-infor-dumpy (yes, that's a word...at least in my world LOL) great tease!


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