Last summer I started my current WIP, a (dark) YA High Fantasy retelling of Snow White. I currently have 25,000+ words written for it and I couldn't have gotten that much written if it wasn't for the support of everyone who participated in Ready. Set. Write! RSW is a summer writing intensive hosted by Jaime Morrow, Katy Upperman, Alison Miller, and Erin Funk. If you want to join in on the fun, click on any one of the links and sign up. Trust me, it's worth it! :)

So...I haven't worked on Unfair in months. Both my lack of writing and the centuries long blog/social media hiatus is due to the fact that the last semester of my sophomore year (I'm officially a junior in college guys!!!) was stressful. I made the decision to take six courses all at once because I thought I could handle it but...to make a long story short: I couldn't handle it. Most of my time was spent studying, pulling all-nighters, and writing papers. While I have been doing all of those things, pretty much, since the beginning of my college career, for some reason, last semester was extremely overwhelming. That said, I honestly didn't think I was going to make it out of that semester alive but I did. And, on top of that, I made Dean's List, which is always a good thing, I guess.

I don't want to keep rambling on so, in light of months of not working  on it, here are my goals for Unfair for the week:

  • Worldbuilding: I have already started to figure out the limitations of the magic in Unfair but there are still some things I have to figure out. This week, I want to try to answer all of the questions I have about the magic system in Unfair.
  • Plotting: Since I was able to take a break from it, I want to use that to my advantage and look at the plot from a different perspective. This week will mostly be about filling in holes character and plot-wise and try to form some kind of 'outline' (I'm a pantser through and through so we'll see how this goes).
  • Writing: I don't know if I will get any writing done this week since it's going to mostly be dedicated to working out details and things but if I do write, I'll set my goal at 500 words. Baby steps.
That's enough about me. What about you guys? What's your writing goals for this week?

Thanks for reading!


I think 500 words is a good word count to set, I've been seeing it alot. I'm hoping to get the beginning of my wip rewritten and polished. Good luck this week!


Best of luck with your goals!


Yay for baby steps! And congratulations on not only coming out alive from your stressful semester but rockin' the Dean's list. :) Good luck on all your goals.


Wow! I tried the 6 courses thing and dropped one immediately. I am in awe of you for not only sticking with it but also making deans list! Go you! And what awesome goals for this week. I hope you have a super productive one!


Good luck with your goals! Have a great writing week!


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