OSAI is coming along...slowly.

I finally decided that this book is not going to write itself and that I just need to write without nitpicking over every little thing. Then there's my other wip, This Isn't Everything You Are. Just when I thought I wasn't going to hear from my characters again, the MC started talking to me again, so I ended up writing two pages over the weekend. Don't know if I can handle writing two completely different wips at once, but we'll see.

Also, I'm going to try to blog more often. I mean it this time! (No really I do) It's just there are times when I don't know what to blog about. I'm sooo not good at this type of thing, but I don't want to let this blog die any time soon, and Prom is next week, so maybe I'll post pictures.

The song for today is Charlie Brown by Coldplay. I LURVVVE this song so much.

It makes me smile. :)

Happy Monday! <3


I love your blog! And your stories both sound intriguing-- definitely don't give up!


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