So...whilst eating my morning pie I started thinking about the kind of stories I write.

They're not always happy stories.

They're not always sad ones either.

But no matter what the tone of the project is, something has to go wrong.

I really can't stand stories where the main characters get everything they want without a price.

Sure there are a lot of people in the world who are lucky & live like kings and queens but even they have their own problems to solve, their own mistakes to make and so do our characters.

In order to make our characters more realistic - no matter the genre - we have to let them get bruised a little because life is one big journey and no one truly comes out unscathed.

So yeah...I make my characters go through some things but I always make sure they come out stronger for it in the end.

Hmm...I think I should eat pie more often...

Happy Wednesday everybody!


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