I know I'm late but I forgot to write something. I know, I know shame on me hehe. Hopefully people will still read this and sorry if it's rough. I literally just wrote this. I needed this blogfest because I've been struggling with this wip. I don't know how to start it off, and I couldn't seem to pin down Leila's voice, so this helped a lot. If you're curious as to what I'm talking about, this scene uses characters from my current wip, Dominion. You can learn more about it, if you want, by following the link, checking out my Next Big Thing post or the visuals on Dominion's Pinterest board. Please let me know what you guys think. I hope it's not too too bad.

“I have so much anger inside of me,” Theo says, rolling onto his back. The movement sends his arm into mine, and I freeze, not wanting to make the contact more obvious than it already is. He doesn’t seem to care that we’re touching though; that my skin and his skin are slowly melding together. An electric current passes through my body, seeping out of me and into him. If he feels it, it doesn’t show. The expression on his face remains emotionless as he stares up at the stars, eyes glowing in the darkness of the night. “But I don’t know why.”
“You’ve been wronged by the gods,” I tell him. “We all have.”
He shakes his head, and a few curls kiss the side of my face. “No, there’s something else.” I look away from him. Part of me wants to tell him that he had a life before this mission, before me. I want to tell him that his life is a lie. Everything from his name to his body is a lie. He might not remember who he is, but the power buried in his bones won’t let him forget. Not completely. He could kill me with one touch, only that doesn’t stop me from wanting him to touch me.
“Leila,” he breathes. “Do you ever feel like you were destined for something more?”
“My father used to tell me…” I stop talking.
He looks at me. “You don’t talk about him much.”
I return his gaze. “It’s because I have so much anger inside of me too.”
"Uriah told me what happened to him, and so I get why you're angry. I get why you're in this fight but...what is my purpose? Other than being angry, I don't have a reason to be here." You do have a reason for being here, I want to tell him, but I focus on his eyes instead. How they change color, going from blue to green to gold in a matter of seconds. I hate that I'll never know what color they are or what he truly looks like. I want to be close to him, not the shell he’s encased in.
“What are you thinking about?”
“You,” I say.
It’s the only truth I can afford to give him.
His eyebrows draw closer together, and I get scared of what that word could mean to him. If he even knows what it means at all. There are a lot of concepts that were left out when he was reprogrammed. Theo doesn’t even understand jokes so I doubt he’ll be able to comprehend how I…
“I think about you, too.” Our foreheads brush, as turns on his side. “Leila I can’t get you out of my head. I used to have these terrible dreams but now…things are different. I don’t understand why they are, but I don’t mind being visited by you in my dreams, either.” The silence that befalls us seems to stretch on for eternity. I don’t know how I feel about him dreaming about me, or the fact that he dreams at all. I’m so lost in my thoughts that I don’t notice how close he is to me.
“Can I tell you something else?” he whispers.
“This war,” he cuts in, licking his lips. I focus on the movement of his tongue, getting lost in the idea of what it would be like to kiss him. He probably doesn’t even remember what a kiss is. Nor is he supposed to. I could ruin everything if I jog his memory. I could destroy the one weapon we have in our arsenal. “It’s not the only one I’m fighting in.”
Somehow my head has inclined towards his. Somehow our lips are millimeters apart. I don’t want to wait for him to make his move, but I can't seem to act on any of my own impulses. I miss the chance to when a bright lights surrounds us, shrouding us in gold.
“Leila.” Warner’s voice is loud in my ears. I look up to find him in the control room, watching us from behind the glass wall. Even though we’re far away, I can feel the disappointment in his gaze. The sky roof darkens, shielding the stars from my view. “Meet me in my quarters in five minutes. I need to speak with you.”
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New follower here saying hello from the blog fest. Nice to meet you.

I like your scene, and want to know more about the characters, especially why they are angry. And the character knowing a secret that the guy doesn't know makes everything even juicier. I wanted to keep reading!


Very intriguing! I'm interested in knowing more about this world and these two characters.


Very interesting Raven, but I think it may have been more effective had you set the scene first. I think this scene is a prime candidate for you to build off of and create an excellent short story.

-Andrew Wayne Gaeta
The Split-Personality Author


Hi, Raven! Your blog is super cute. :) I'm a few days late in checking out the entries for the No-Kiss Blogfest, but late is better than never!

On to the blogfest! Wonderful entry. I really liked the phrase "a few curls kissed the side of my face." An interestingly pleasant sensation to imagine! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

~Wendy Lu

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