Learning from my mistakes...

We learn from our mistakes. No matter how torn up we are over not being able to do anything with our first novels, we still can cherish the fact that our first novels taught us something that can make our next trip down the book-writing road a little less bumpy.

FAR FROM HERE is not my first novel. I wrote three before it, and that was when I was nine and imaginative and inexperienced. My third novel was a huge improvement, but I can honestly say that even though I trunked FFH I can still use it to write my next novel, which I'm excited about.

When I wrote FFH, it was a NaNoWriMo project. I didn't really have a steardy plot or outline, I just wrote. It seemed fun at the time, but I ended paying a HUGE price in the end.

With this new project, I'm going to plot, I'm going to outline. I'm not going to do my proper research, and though the first draft will be sucky, I'll be prepared this time when it comes to revisions.

My pantser days are over! I already have the synopsis written. Now I just need to outline, and buy a few more notebooks.

So far I don't have a title, but it is a ghost story. It was inspired by a line in the song Sleeping With Ghosts by Placebo.

It's a great song. I haven't really listened to Placebo in a while, so I was happy when I stumbled across this song.

The idea that soulmates never die sent the wheels in my head, turning.

I even have an idea how I want it to begin:

Birds falling from the sky is never a good sign.

I'll keep y'all updated on my progress.

Have a great day!


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