New Year, New Things, New Look

This year, for me, is all about transformation. Becoming a better person than I was last year. With that said, I wanted my blog to look better then it did last year.

So this is the new look and I hope you guys like it. Seriously, there were so many layouts to chose from. Most of them were bright and fun, but I like dark colors for some reason. And I happen to have Beautiful Creatures on my desk. The cover to that book is gorgeous and so once I saw this layout, I knew I had to have it, because it reminds me of Beautiful Creatures which I am about to finish and I hope to have a review of it up, soon.

Anyways, Happy New Years!

I hope everyone had a good time last night. I read, watched some TV and I watched the ball drop, so I didn't do anything really glamorous this year.

I am so excited that it's 2010. It's a clean slate, a new beginning. This year I hope to live more, love more, laugh more, and hopefully get a job.

But enough about personal resolutions. I need blog resolutions. Since it's a new year and I have a new look for my blog, it's only right that I start doing some amazingly awesome stuff on this blog.

This includes:
  • Interviews: So, this wasn't my idea at all. But I do think it's a cool idea. I mean, let's face it, I am a HORRIBLE (yes, it needed to be in caps) blogger. My blog would most definitely win the award for the most boring blog EVER. Seriously. So, it would be nice if I had some cool people, namely my writing buddies (you know who you are) interviewed on this blog. I know nothing about interviewing, but I hope people are interested in being interviewed.
  • Guest blogs: This is self-explanatory, but if anyone is interested in guest blogging just say so. I really wouldn't mind having someone guest blogging. I would appreciate it, even. But whatever you talk about has to be YA related. It could be a controversial topic or something else.
  • Music Monday: I did this on my other blog before I abandoned it. Music Monday is where I push shuffle on my iPod, playlist etc. and post the song that comes up.
  • WIP Spotlight: I *know* a lot of amazing writers with WIPs that should be agented. I have this on my schedule for Thursday's post, but I was thinking maybe I could showcase somebody's WIP. Make a generic cover for it, post a blurb under it and have the person answer five questions about that WIP, just for fun. If nobody is cool with me spotlighting their WIP. Just pretend I never said this.
  • Poetry Friday: I LOVE poetry. It was what I used to write before I turned to prose. But anyways, on Fridays I will either post a poem I wrote or a poem by some famous poet from way back when. And I'll find a picture to go with it and everything. (This idea was actually mine.)
  • Book Reviews: I got quite a few books for Christmas, so I will be posting reviews of them.

Of course there's things like Teaser Tuesdays and WIP Wednesdays, so I think I have every day of the week covered.

SO tell me what you think of these ideas. Do they suck or are they as awesome as I want to believe they are? Come on, tell me the truth. I won't cry. Okay, I might shed a tear or two, but no big deal.

And if you have any suggestions or if you're interested in being interviewed or guest blogging, just leave me a comment.


P.S. There's an awesome contest going on over at The Raven Desk. Go check it out. I promise you it is awesome.


  1. These ideas do not suck!

    Your blog is going to be even better!

  2. Your new and beautiful blog is going to be amazing!:D

  3. great ideas, and your blog looks brilliant! one day I'll be clever enough to make mine look good :)

  4. Awesome ideas :D You can do it Raven! ('cause you rock)