Hopes and Dreams

I was reading Kristin's blog post about this and I thought the question she was asked "What are your hopes for your writing?" was interesting, so I decided I wanted to answer it.

I never really thought about this question. I am all about thinking of the now, instead of what could happen, or what I want to happen, you know? But now that I have seen this question, I can't ignore it.

We all have hopes and dreams for many things in life. You hope that cute boy who sits in front of you says hi. You dream about becoming an architect or a movie star. The point is dreams can be big or small. They might not matter to other people, but they matter to you.

Sometimes dreams are just that, dreams. They may never come true, but that's okay. I believe things happen in life for a reason, but it would be wonderful if my following hopes and dreams for my writing became a reality:

1. I want to finish a book: I have so many WIPs, it's ridiculous. Even though I recently wrote a book, which won me NaNoWriMo, it's still not done. I want to be able to finish writing a book from beginning to the end. I want it to be edited to a T and polished until it shines under the moon. I don't care if that book is horrible. I don't care if it's not my best work. I just want to finish a book, so that I can learn from the mistakes I made and try again.

2. I want to be published: This has been my dream ever since I was little. When I was a little kid (7 years old) I used to think that every person who finished a book, got published. I didn't know about polishing or querying. I just loved writing and I loved to have other people read what I wrote. I don't care about the money. I just want other people to hold my book in their hands. I want them to see into my mind. I want them to love my characters, just as much as I do. Well, that's completely impossible, but you get the point.

And, okay, I won't lie. The money would be nice. I want to buy my mom a house of her own, someplace quiet and serene and beautiful. I want to travel the world (after college, of course) and so having money wouldn't be so bad. But being published, to me, is about sharing a story.

3. I want to help people: I can not be in more than one place at once. I wish I could be though. I wish I could hug someone's pain away. I wish I could tell someone that everything is going to be alright. I wish I could help a kid at school whose being verbally abused. I wish I could do so much. I used to think that I couldn't help people, because I am one person but with my words I can help. Words speak louder than actions. And if I can send a positive message through my writing, a message that can help or comfort people then I have succeeded.

4. I want fans: Being a huge Twilight fan, a Mortal Instruments fan, and a fangirl of many other things, I often wonder what it's like having screaming fans who stick by your side no matter what. It would be so cool to go to be signings or speak at schools.

5. I want my writing to be original and beautiful: I don't want my writing to be compared to any other authors. It would be flattering if I was compared to Maggie Stiefvater or Cassandra Clare, but I don't want people trying to compare my plot to something that has already been done. That would bruise my very small (seriously it's the size of a dot) ego. And then what would I do?

6. I want my writing to take over the world: Both literally and figuratively (physically too, if that were possible) But anyways, I want to see my book translated in different languages. I mean, that would be so freaking awesome! I want to be able to go on tours outside of the U.S.

7. I want a movie deal: So many YA books are being made into movies nowadays. And I want one too. Though movies aren't as good as the books it's kinda cool watching a book reenacted.

8. I want to meet people: Okay, this last one really isn't that important but still. I want to meet Neil Gaiman, Scott Westerfeld, John Green and Cassandra Clare. And if I have to write an awesome book for that dream to come true. I will write an extremely awesome book.

You just don't know how much I want to be published, how much I want to help people with my writing. I think I would be the happiest girl in the world if these two things happened.

But know that these are not my main priorities right now. I want to go to college and worry about my career. I want to enjoy life and if these dreams come true, I will be happy.

I know that it takes time and patience for dreams to come true. And even if they don't happen for me, I will still continue to write because it's what I love to do.

What about you? What are your hopes and dreams for your writing?


  1. But know that these are not my main priorities right now. I want to go to college and worry about my career. I want to enjoy life and if these dreams come true, I will be happy.

    That's very, very true, and it's wonderful that you've realized this at your age. It's necessary to have dreams and to work toward them (because they don't just appear magically... except when they do), but for many of us, there are lives outside of writing that we need to live to the fullest, too.

    What about you? What are your hopes and dreams for your writing?

    I also hope to finish a novel, instead of starting WiPs that have no closure. But what I really want is to be a better writer, to develop my own writing style, and write something I am happy with. :>

  2. You seem to have all your priorities in order, which is brilliant. It's wonderful to have goals, and hopes, and dreams - what's hard is keeping them in perspective. You do so very well, and I'm sure you'll succeed on all accounts.

    As for my writing goals...hmmm...so many! I've recently started querying agents for my first completed MS, so I really hope I'm able to find representation for it as a series. Other than that, honestly, I just want to finish this new WIP that is so fun and inspiring, and I really hope that I maintain the passion and love for writing I have always had. That's what keeps me going. The day it stops being a joy is the day I stop writing...so here's to that never happening! :)

  3. Lovely post! And they're all great goals--hopefully you'll achieve them all.

    Do you mind if I steal this idea for my writer's blog (with a link back)? :)

  4. I really hope yoi achieve every single dreams. You are such a wonderful write!

    And yes, finish a book- like now. Before I go out of my mind desperate to read it!

  5. Sandy - I hope you're able to write something you're happy with. : )

    Melissa - That is so true! If you don't have a passion and a love for writing, then there really isn't no point in writing. So I hope you never lose interest in your writing. Being a writer is so fun and awesome.

    And good luck with querying!

    choco - Thanks! And no I don't mind at all. ^_^

    Madeline - I'll be sure to read your post!

    Amna - Awe, thanks!

  6. Number three brought me to tears. I always felt this, but could never seem to put it into words. If ever I get published, if someone in an interview: Why do you write? I'm going to tell them: "Well, I've always wanted to write, but wasn't too sure why until I read something by Raven Ashley...."

    I want the same things as you outta writing. To be well-known. To have fans. To make money so I can support my parents as they have sacrificed twenty years of their lives for my happiness. I want my book to be made into a movie..etc.,

    I also want my book to set a new trend in the romance industry. I want to be obsessed with a new plotline so I can finish another story...because right now I'm going through hell with all these false starts and false inspirations.

    Have you ever checked out the blog collaborated by us former FP writers? A lot of us are in the querying/submission/published stage. They post articles on how to finish a story, how to polish, how to query, and if you have any questions, we answer 'em all for you. Well, they know more than me, so they'll probably do all the answering.