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So I love looking at book reviewing blogs. I spend most of my time reading reviews and searching for giveaways. There are also some very awesome book review blogs like The Story Siren and In Which a Girl Reads, and if you don't follow those, you should follow them NOW.

But anyways, I want to start my own book reviewing blog. That may sound crazy and it is crazy to me because I hardly have time to write, with school and other things going on. But I think it would be fun and I love to share my opinions on books.

Plus, I am about to finish reading Bleeding Violet by Dia Reeves, which is an amazing book that I want to talk about. And I have reviewed books before, so I've been thinking about this for a long long time.

The only problem I have right now is that I don't know how to get started. I need a name and a cool background for the blog and there's so much to do!

I just really don't know how to get started.

So, that's where you guys come in. If you run a book blog and have some advice, I am all ears. Any advice or tips you can give me, will be fine.

Also what would you guys like to see on a book blog? I don't own a lot of books. But I have read everything from classic literature to YA books. I have a couple of reviews I did a while back that I can put up and...yeah, I really need help, so if you have any advice, just leave me a comment.



  1. Maybe, instead you review your books on this blog. That way it will be so much easier and less work.

    You'll probably find it easier too. Just saying.

    Otherwise, goodluck and I'll be checking out your new blog if you decide to do so.

  2. I second what Madeline-Rose said. I think it would be wonderful if you reviewed your favourite books here. I ended up transforming my personal blog into a book reviewing blog simply because it was too much of a hassle to do two. You can still do different posts, of course. That said, if you DO choose to do a second blog, I will definitely check it out! :)

  3. Oh crap. I wrote up some advice a few hours ago and I guess it didn't get posted. Grr.

    I hate blogger right now so I'm writing you a PM about this :)

  4. Melissa and Madeline - I wish I would have saw your post earlier or else I wouldn't have went an made a different blog. I guess I didn't want to post book reviews here, because then it would get cluttered. But thanks for the suggestions :)

    choco - Thanks! I'll check it out when I get home but now I have to go out and brave the cold and the snow.

  5. Okay never mind, PM isn't working either (it says you've chosen not to receive PMs).

    'Ere it goes, and if blogger doesn't post this, I swear I will murder it. :p (normallyIamnotthisviolentdonotworry)

    I'm going to go against what others have said previously and recommend that you do start a separate blog for book reviewing. That's what I did.

    It just didn't seem right to me. Having: "THIS AUTHOR IS WEAK ON DESCRIPTIONS" in my review and then having my own descriptive passages right next by to compare. Also, since I update my reading blog nearly everyday, it would get to be "cluttered,"as you said.

    However, there are some really, really cool blogs out there that mesh the writing and book reviewing aspect wonderfully. (I can't remember the exact ones at the moment, sorry).

    So it's really up to you.

    It also depends how often you're planning to post on the review blog. If you're going to post, like 5 times a week, it's probably a good idea to split the blogs. If you're going to post, like one time a week, I think it's fine to keep it here. It's really up to you.

    Also, I'd take into consideration what kind of reviews you're planning to do. Are you going to try to focus only on the positive? I tried this at first, but I'm incapable of not pointing out flaws in a book. Are you going to highlight mostly positive aspects, or are you going to point out what really, really bothered you about a book?
    What kind of rating system do you want to have, or do you not want to rate books? Do you want to take the book blurb from amazon/goodreads and then put your own opinion after the summary? These are all things you should decide--and remember, you can come up with your own, unique review style.

    I suck at titles, so I'm not any help there, sorry. But you are awesome at titles, "Love Letters to Forever" is beautiful. And I love your blog layout. My only suggestion is that the title does have something to do with either reading/books so people know it's a book blog. I'm sure you'll come up with something wonderful :)

    It's really up to you what you want to focus on for your book blog--but you should pick a focus. You can decide on a YA focus, but that doesn't mean you can't review other types of books, include your favorite music, include your favorite TV shows, etc. etc. And if you want to include Literature reviews, go for it! I'm actually thinking that after I finish Great Literature Week I'm going to make Literature reviews a regular feature on my blog :)


    Just know that this is YOUR blog, and that you can do anything you want with it. That's what will make it unique--whether you want to include writing advice along with your reviews, comment on the hottest love interests in YA, or talk about other things to mix it up in random posts. As long as you're having fun, DO IT :)

    Also, it's really, really important that you do your best to follow lots of book blogs. Not just the really popular ones, but the ones that are just beginning, the ones that brand spanking new. Leave lots of comments--they're they most important thing in blogging.

    And that's how you'll get followers. 98% of people who follow blogs have a blog of their own. If you follow and comment on their blogs, they'll follow and comment on your blog in return.

    Also, Story Siren has some awesome posts for new bloggers, such as blogging etiquette, etc.

    AND, oh, I almost forgot--make sure you join in some of the memes: In My Mailbox and Waiting on Wednesday are both awesome.

    I hope this helps. I think I had a lot more stuff in my original comment


    Feel free to ask me if you have any questions at all. ANY. I know when I first started I was afraid I wasn't doing things right (I still am, haha) and I didn't know to get followers, and what exactly to include in my blog.
    I'm still figuring out things, but I'D LOVE TO HELP if you need anything.

    <333 and good luck!