25 Facts About Me...

No, I am not conceited. If you must know, I hate talking about myself. So technically this should be 26 facts about me...but anyways, I needed something to post today and I saw someone else did this on their blog and I wanted to do it too.

I'm a horrible blogger, I know. So here we go...

1. I am an only child. Do I like being an only child? Yes and no. It's fun being able to have my own room and I like living in a peaceful house and I never have to fight over the remote or the bathroom, but it gets lonely sometimes. It would be nice to have a sister to talk to about clothes and boys and stuff. My mom has four siblings and whenever she tells me stories about her childhood I get really really jealous.

2. My favorite color is pink. And black. I wear more pink than anyone in my school. I swear I do. I don't do it intentionally, but whenever I go shopping I just happen to buy something pink. And I don't realize it until later. Of course, I wear a variety of other colors but pink is my favorite color and I wear it a lot.

3. My first book was about a girl who found a secret portal and entered a world full of magic. She discovered that she was a princess who could control fire and with help from some friends she meets, she goes on a quest to find her real parents. I was nine when I wrote that. It's a gigantic story with many plot holes and character flaws and corny dialogue.

4. I can sing the Alphabet in French. That's possibly the only thing from French I remember. I took it three years ago, and my memory isn't that great.

5. I am fifteen. Yes, it's true. I'm apart of the species adults fear. But really, I'm the good kind. I'm not a rebel and I'm not full of angst or at least I think I'm not.

6. I'm a geek. I use big words and I love math and science. I am currently the only 1oth grader in my Pre-Calculus class. I feel so young and baby-ish in that class, but hanging out with the juniors and the seniors is pretty cool.

7. I LOVE to read. Well, duh. All writers should like to read if they ever want to be good at writing. I love everything from mysteries to romance. YA of course, but I do like literary fiction like Jane Eyre and Anna Karenina. Studies say teens have short attention spans and that is so not true. It really isn't.

8. I write a lot of edgy stories. I write about girls getting into hectic relationships with their teachers. I write about injured soldiers and their trouble to believe in God. I write about religion and I drop the f-bomb, the s-bomb and a whole lot of bombs while doing so. But I know edgy is not all about the cussing and the swearing. It's about not sugar-coating things and telling the truth no matter how hard it may be.

9. I love religion. I don't practice a certain religion but I find that all of them are beautiful in their own way. A few of my earlier stories were about religion.

There was one called Cauliflower and Hand Grenades. It was about a boy named Ayal who was Essene. It's a sect of Judaism and people who practice that faith are hard-core vegetarians.

It's a sin to eat meat. But then Ayal eats meat and he's stricken with guilt.

Here's a snip:

Ayal flipped endlessly through the channels, looking for something that didn't remind him of what he did that day. The taste of dry blood stained his tongue and his mouth, making his stomach growl and rumble. To make things even worse, it was hot outside. And usually, when the heat became too unbearable, Ayal would lye down on the couch and go to sleep. Thinking of all the stupid things he did that day.There was no escape for him. He was living proof to the saying "Everyone has a guilty conscience."

It was the equivalent of hell outside. Buildings were catching on fire every time the sun shed her light on them. Fans lined each window that you saw when you walked down Beachwood Avenue. This is the usual picture that everyone takes, when driving through Florida. A yawn broke free from Ayal's mouth, making him shudder. He could already feel his eyes slowly giving into guilt's ideas.

Fall asleep Ayal, for you belong in the pastures of sin. Fall asleep Ayal, so that you can eat all the...

"Ayal?" Amber whispered, touching his hand.

Breaking from his thoughts, Ayal looked down at the hand that Amber, his girlfriend, was touching. His thumb was one with the channel button, and the TV was still changing its mind about what it wanted them to watch. Seeing the concern in Amber's eyes, Ayal put the remote on the coffee table and closed his eyes.

"Is there anything wrong, babe?" Amber asked, her head resting on his shoulder.

Today was their two year anniversary and if it weren't for the sins swimming in his stomach acids, he'd be happy.

The story still needs a lot of work but I love Ayal and Amber to pieces. I was thinking about writing a novel about him but... we'll see.

10. I love using the word love. I've probably used it more than anybody in the whole world. But anyways, I love love. I love writing about it and I love seeing other people in love. It's a beautiful thing. Especially when we live in a time of war and hatred and differences.

11. I have a lot of Native American ancestry. My grandmother (on my mom's side) is both Apache and Blackfoot. And I get the Cherokee from my dad's side.

12. I used to act. When I was in elementary school I used to love being in plays. I sung once. And I haven't sung since then. I don't want to imagine what my singing voice sounds like now after years of not singing.

13. I was the only girl trombonist in middle school. I performed in a lot of orchestras and I hated the trombone with a passion, because it isn't really a graceful instrument, but the other trombonist were cool and so I got used to it.

14. I talk a lot. I ramble mostly, but I could talk your ear off if I wanted to. But that's only if I know you real well. I wouldn't subject any stranger to my gift of gab, as my mother calls it.

15. I LOVE music. I couldn't live without it. I love The Killers, Kings of Leon, Coldplay, Fall Out Boy, RED, Breaking Benjamin, Thriving Ivory, Motion City Soundtrack, The Beatles, The Spill Canvas, The Fray, and a whole bunch more. And in case you couldn't tell, I like a lot of Alternative Rock. I like R&B and pop and hip-hop but not as much as I like Alternative.

16. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor. I would marry him if I could. I've seen about ten of his movies. It would be eleven if my mom would let me watch From Hell, but it's Rated R so I have to wait. But he is so hot and I have a giant poster of him in my room and you didn't hear that from me...

17. I am weird. I know this and I'm okay with it. I don't like being like everybody else. It's hard being different but it's even harder to try to fall into the in crowd. I like standing out. It's what I do best.

18. 18 and 7 are my two lucky numbers. And yes I believe in luck. I believe in three leaf clovers and rabbit foot key-chains. And I'm very superstitious. I hate black cats and I try not to open my umbrella up inside buildings or houses.

19. Me, Ian McEwan, and Prince William share the same birthday. I've been thinking about contacting Prince William and asking him if he could make his birthday a holiday so that my birthday could be a holiday but that sounds extremely insane and stupid and it probably wouldn't work out anyways.

20. I love poetry. I used to write a lot of it before I start writing stories. I love putting words together and making them beautiful and sparkly and meaningful. I love how words can bring you to another world, or put you back in reality. I love how it make you laugh or cry or both.

21. If I could be a mythical creature, I'd be a fairy. They're sparkly and pretty and they fly.

22. I am currently writing two WIPs at the same time. One is a YA Contemp called Playing the Field and it's about rumors, in-the-closet romances and rumors. Lots of teen angst there, I suppose. And a YA UF called Starlight. It's very edgy and new and it's about a girl who gets drunk, wakes up to find everyone is dead at this party she went to, and then she gets attacked by these monsters called Nightmares which then leads to her being saved by this hunter named Orion and that's all I'm saying for now.

23. I love watching the sun rise. I love how the sky turns to pink then yellow then orange and then it slowly fades into a blue hue. So so beautiful and if you never watched the sun rise, then you should start.

24. My favorite authors are Sarah Dessen, Jane Austen, Cassandra Clare, Scott Westerfeld and I have a literary crush on F. Scott Fitzgerald.

25. Since this is the last one, this fact she be super awesome and mind-blowing. So, um, the last fact that you need to know about me that is mind-blowing and super awesome is... that I am a magician. And with my magical powers, I will persuade you to share 25 facts about yourself on your blog.


  1. cMy first book was about a girl who found a secret portal and entered a world full of magic.

    At least you had the excuse of being nine. ;) My first English book followed the same-ish plot and I was thirteen. It was sad.

  2. Haha, I cringe every time I look at that book. I don't know why I still have it on my computer. It is pretty sad but it's nice to see that I've grown as a writer since then.

  3. Oh no...25 facts on my blog? Hmmmm we'll see if I can do that haha You have great music taste...and Johnny Depp is by far the hottest actor alive :)

  4. I love the world love too!

    And, I am a geek. We are very cool geeks ;)

  5. Aww Raven, love this list :) It's lovely that you shared a bit of yourself :D

  6. #9 - I really admire that. And that's so cool that you're Native America!

    I'm not an only child, but in some ways I might as well be; my oldest sibling is 13 years older than me. So I sort of get some of both worlds. =) I really like having the house to myself, though!