Saturday Seven

1. I finally got For Your Entertainment by Adam Lambert out of my head. For days I kept humming and singing and playing it on YouTube. I was sorta obsessed with that song but now it's gone and I'm never going to listen to it again.

2. I won NaNoWriMo three days ago. I was so happy when I reached 50,000 because it has been years since I was able to reach that mark. I still have a lot to edit, but I'm having fun tightening up the scenes and establishing Kendall's character.

3. I have a huge crush on Sylar and Samuel from Heroes. I won't admit this to anyone else, but I literally squee when they are on screen. I just watched last Monday's episode and I am so glad Sylar is back! I was getting tired of the sweet, caring, clueless Sylar. And Zachary Quinto is so hot when he's playing the bad guy.

4. I had a great Thanksgiving surprisingly. I had lots of my grandma's homemade Mac & Cheese and some ham and greens and I was full for a whole day. I wrote about the things I was grateful for and it was altogether a perfect day. Especially since I won NaNo at 11 in morning on that day. I hope everyone else's Thanksgiving was great!

5. It snowed yesterday! Some of you are probably wishing that it snowed where you live, but I don't want it to snow. I hate the winter. Seriously, I do. I love the holiday cheer and the low crime rates, but winters in Pennsylvania are brutal and then no one likes to put salt down and I live on a hill, so it's going to be mighty hard getting down the hill without falling just to get to my bus stop and it gets so cold. And I've been living here all my life, so I should be used to it...but I'm not.

6. My mom said I can get books for Christmas. I really want some new shoes and some cute clothes, but my library is small. I only have like two shelves and my mom has several bookcases for all of her books plus she has a Kindle and that is so not fair. So, I need your help. If you have any books to recommend, please tell me about them in the comment box and sometime soon I will compose a list of books (not a long one) that I want for Christmas, so I can give it to my mom. Thanks :)

7. I've decided I need to work on polishing up Mirror, Mirror before I even think about writing anything else. But I did have a dream about a brother and a sister with a secret that could get them killed. For now I will deem this as another one of my SUPER SEKRIT projects and if the editing to Mirror, Mirror continues to go well, then I promise I'll tell you more about it...sooner or later, just not now.


  1. AH! I wish it would snow here! haha Great list~

  2. Ohhh. Books for Christmas = ♥

    You should try out (if you haven't):

    The Mortal Instruments (favourite!)
    Morganville Vampires
    Vampire Academy
    Vampire Diaries
    The Hunger Games
    The Forest of Hands and Teeth
    The Summoning

    Hope you consider reading these.

  3. Thanks guys!

    Madeline: You are awesome for liking The Mortal Instruments series and Vampire Academy!

    I want to read The Hunger Games and The Forest of Hands and Teeth, so that is definitely on my list.

    People keep telling me that Vampire Diaries is good so I'll add that.

    Thanks for the suggestions!