New Moon

I really didn't think I was going to, but I saw New Moon! It seemed like I was waiting for an eternity to see it- and I'm not exaggerating.

After I finished getting ready, I was all set to go catch the bus so that I can meet my friend in town. But I live on a hill, so by the time I got to the bottom my bus was passing by. So I had to walk back home and wait another twenty minutes for the next bus. Finally, the bus came but when I got into town the bus that takes us out to the movie theater was leaving and my friend wasn't there yet.

So, since it was a Sunday we had to wait over two hours for the next bus to come. When we finally got out to the movies, we found out that the next movie wasn't showing until 3:50, so we had another hour and fifty minutes to spare.

I went to Taco Bell for the first time ever and then we went to Barnes & Nobles and I ogled at all the good books in the YA section.

By time we were done walking around, we went to the movies, got our popcorn and went to go find seats.

And when the movie started- wow.

I could immediately tell it was going to be better than Twilight. The special effects were better, the acting was superb, well compared to the acting in Twilight it was.

And I like that it stayed true to the book, for the most part.

I never liked New Moon. Namely because Edward leaves Bella and she starts liking Jacob (blech) but Taylor Lautner...*fans self*

He is gorgeous and his abs, wow. He is the epitome of a dedicated actor because he could have just given up the role to someone else, but he didn't and those abs...

I swear, the theater consisted of mostly females and when he took off his shirt, there was swooning and...wow.

Okay, okay, I'm off topic but New Moon was great. I'm not saying this because I'm a huge Twilight fan or anything, but seriously it was.

The werewolves were scary and believable and well-done. The script-hilarious. There was some really great lines and Jacob's mood swings made me fall out of my chair.

All in all, I'm so glad I got to see it and I really had a great time last night though I was really tired once I got home.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did when you went to go see New Moon and if you haven't seen it yet. Go see it. Now.


  1. He's so hot!! I saw it twice and screamed when he took off his shirt :) Oh, and then I yelled "You suck" when Robert Pattinson came on screen.